Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kevin Seconds - Heaven's Near Wherever You Are

Kevin Seconds is a singer/songwriter/musician, born in Sacramento but partially raised in Reno, Nevada. In 1988, he relocated back to Sacramento and has been based there ever since. He founded the highly influential hardcore punk band 7 Seconds in 1979 with his brother Steve Youth. Having been their frontman from the start, he also writes their lyrics. The band signed to the Better Youth Organization label in 1982. Since its formation, 7 Seconds has released over 15 records as well as touring North America, Europe and Japan multiple times. Simultaneously with his career with 7 Seconds, he has been engaged in several side band projects. These include Go National, Drop Acid, Mustard and the more recent project Ghetto Moments. He also has a 2-hour punk rock radio show called Absolute Rant & Ruckus, on, Sacramento State University's Student Run Radio which airs Mondays from 8pm-10pm PST, as well as hosting a podcast show .In 2001, Kevin and his wife Allyson Seconds opened the popular "True Love Coffeehouse" in Sacramento, CA but closed 4 years later after multiple problems with the landlord of the building. In 2006, Kevin reopened True Love in a new building, not far from the original location.

1. chin
2. 137 song
3. bad girl afterall
4. anti me
5. better picture
6. x girlfriend
7. (not my) father
8. weather everything
9. down
10. her secret world
11. little mystery
12. mick foley
13. stumbled into ben

.. Year: 2001
.. Label: Cargo/Headhunter
.. Country: U.S.A.
.. Bitrate: VBR (0)
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