Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hate Unit - Hate Unit

Old school hardcore from Finland, Turku. 2000-2003. YOUR PHASE IS MY LIFE: Worry about your future Gotta stop these childish games Part of the youth that´s gotta go If you want your fortune and fame Your phase is my life Drop out useless fake In the scene you played the part With your crew you acted hard Your weekend-fantasies i live everyday I was the one to pave the way

.. (fuck) growing up
.. truth is due soon
.. last straw
.. your phase is my life
.. trying to survive
.. my crime is pride
.. hate them all
.. in vain
.. friendship
.. old school or no school
.. freegan go die
.. medley wheres the anger kill a commie
.. i chose not to be like you
.. weekend warrior
.. no one to trust
.. enough is enough
.. lesson in brotherhood
.. take back you life
.. our fight
.. vitun murhaa (an anti war song)

.. Year: 2000-2003
.. Label: n/a
.. Country: Finland
.. Bitrate: 320 kbps
.. BUY ME: n/a
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