Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ex-Cathedra - Tartan Material

Ex-Cathedra are an anarcho punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. They got together in 1991 and in late 1993 we heard about them after buying a copy of their first single on their own label. We did a single 'Tresspass' and then offered them an album. Their debut album, 'Tartan Material' was produced by Frankie (Leatherface) Stubbs. One more single followed a cover of Culture Club's 'Karma Chameleon' then they were off. They are still going strong and I think they have a second album out on MoonSka records as well as a new compilation of early stuff including the 'Tresspass' E.P. You can usually catch them on tour playing all around the UK and Europe.

1. Directions
2. Watch-Out
3. Buckfast Happy
4. Something Coming Down
5. Reasons
6. Dirty Ol' Town
7. Stick Together
8. Waiting Game
9. Stop Yer Running
10. Buckfast (Reprise)
11. Hooligans In Suits
12. Shock Wi' Surprise

.. Year: 2008
.. Label: Damaged Goods
.. Country: Scotland
.. Bitrate: 256 kbps
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