Friday, October 10, 2008

Eddie Spaghetti - Old Nº 2

Edward Carlyle Daly III, better known as Eddie Spaghetti, or "Your Worst F*#@ing Nightmare"[who?] is the lead singer and bassist for the American rock and roll band The Supersuckers. He has a penchant for wearing cowboy hats and aviator-style sunglasses. In addition to playing with The Supersuckers, he has a solo career that started with the 2003 release of his album of country drinking songs, The Sauce. Eddie Spaghetti grew up in Tucson, Arizona trying desperately to ignore the country music that floated all around him. Seems like every pick-up truck and storefront speaker was cranking out the syrupy wails of some heartbroken hick and he just wasn't having it. So, as a kid, he turned to Heavy Metal, then Punk Rock, to block out the noise and that's how his band, The Supersuckers, was born. Formed in late '88, The Supersuckers aim was to strip away some of the pretense of late '80's Heavy Metal and put a little showmanship into the Punk scene. It was a tightrope act few bands could achieve but, by the beginning of '89, not only had the band done it, they were ready to make a move away from the dirt roads, dead ends and dust of their hometown.

“The Supersuckers make me want to fight and frug, but that damn Spaghetti makes me want to lilt and lager, I love that man, I wanna to steal all his pens. One guy talkin’ about rock…Bonafide!” -Tim Rogers from You Am I
“Eddie is replacing me in the world of harmonica.” -Mickey Raphael, harmonica player for Willie Nelson

.. tonight i'll be staying here with you
.. all along
.. some people say
.. without love
.. carry me home
.. hey sexy
.. i don't wanna know
.. here we go
.. i don't wanna grow up
.. everywhere i go
.. sick as a dog (by quattro)

.. Year: 2005
.. Label: Mid-Fi Recordings
.. Country: U.S.A.
.. Bitrate: VBR (0)
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Mike said...

Just saw the Supersuckers at a very small venue in the middle of nowhere and they were turned up to AWESOME! Their set was more rock than country, but the influences under that black worn cowboy hat of Mr. Spaghetti are evident in many of their songs. Purchased Old #2 at the show and should have grabbed The Sauce as well. Perhaps a follow-up post here on Hangover?

punkfilth said...

can you repost as this link is dead please?

Nagiants40 said...

@ punkfilth

The links are working try again...


Mitsos said...

no worries :)
I understood finally that the password is hangover!!!!
Sometimes i am slow :)
Thanx again for this great album man!!!