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Cuddly Toys (ex-Raped) - Guillotine Theatre

First time on CD for this album by the Punk/Glam Rock act. The album was recorded in 1979 and initially only released in Japan until 1981, when a UK version was finally issued. The CD features bonus material while the DVD features live and studio sessions plus an interview with the band. Cuddly Toys have recently reformed and will be touring in support of this release. Jungle.
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Formed in early 1977. Originally going to be called The Solicitors they finally settled on the suitably shocking Raped. Featuring a guitarist with an unspellable first name who auditioned for the Pistols, a totally straight bass player who last played for Steppenwolf, A bizzare Japanese cross dressing drummer and the focal point of the band a spiky blonde haired, Iggy loving Brian Connelly cum Billy Idol look alike. Its curious that a movement that threw up swastikas as a fashion statement, gave us songs like 'Belsen Was A Gas' and bands like the 'Moors Murderers' could get so upset over a band that called itself 'Raped'. These boys did everything they could to ensure that they got nowhere while gaining massive publicity. From their name to the names of their songs and their image these boys pissed people off. In Mid 77 when everyone was trying to look like street punk these were dressing like their glam heroes in makeup. Particularly guilty was the Japanese drummer Paddy Fields who favoured pink and purple and blonde hair ,high heels, tights and hot pants which he could probably get away with hiding behind a drum kit !!! Frequent scams gave them publicity if nothing else. Deliberately playing on their sexuality ( kissing on stage and claiming bisexuality- Sean and Faebhean) they claimed in the Ripped & Torn interview that Faebhean was gay or that he was descended from Aleister Crowley or playing a gig in front of kids..
Unable to secure a recording contract they became part of the core of bands at that time that included Siouxsie, The Ants and The Slits who were deemed unsignable and commercial suicide. At the same time they attracted the same sort of fanatical following and had good press in the fanzines like Ripped & Torn, In The City and Trick. With this being the case their manager formed a record company and released two singles which kind of proved the above as they struggled to against the weight of negative publicity. Their first record said it all 'Not available in WH Smiths Boots or Woolies' yet was a good seller. When the resulting publicity failed to bring reward the name ' Raped' was a millstone around their necks.
As a result of this they changed their name to Cuddly Toys as well as their image and style of music. With Purcel's looks and glammy band image it was no suprise that they were quite big in Japan who seem to go for androgeny in a big way and I think they had success there along the way releasing two albums with a few more band twists and turns. In a way they missed the New Romantic /glammy years of the early eighties which they were probably more suited.
In an email to Punk 77 Faebhean writes "Cuddly Toys dissolved in 1980-81 - mainly due to the Japanese company running off with the money we had put to one side to 'buy' us into the British and Japanese charts!!! We were going to be managed by Marc Bolan but he died in the famous car crash. Paddy went back to Japan and changed sex (!) Sean died of a brain tumour 3 years ago, Tony became a market gardener! and I ...well, I'll tell you some day! Lots of love.......Faebhean Kwest
~ http://www.punk77.co.uk/groups/raped.htm

.. introvenus
.. brain saviour
.. join the girls
.. wolf
.. madman
.. fall and decline of the universe
.. astral joe
.. my commando
.. full circle
.. alien
.. guillotine theatre
.. timewrap
.. slow down (bonus track)
.. you keep me hanging on (bonus track)
.. front page new (bonus track)
.. sound of the sirens (bonus track unreleased)
.. holocaust (bonus track unreleased)
.. bring on the ravers (bonus track unreleased)

.. Year: 1981
.. Country: England
.. Bitrate: VBR
.. Home-Page: http://www.myspace.com/cuddlytoys
.. Label: Fresh Records
.. BUY: Amazon

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