Saturday, September 06, 2008

V.A. - Rock 'n' Roll Au-Go-Go Vol. 5

The New Rock revolution marches into it's fifth installment of the Rock 'n' Roll Au-Go-Go series. As the alternative poop zombies lurch around in their baggy pants and brainless trends, we, the Rock 'n' Rollers shall kick their ass, steal their cute little girlfriends, and bypass their major label brainwashing to keep the torch burning for real rock 'n' roll hootin' and hollerin'. We got some real hell raisin bands on this volume and without further ado here they are;

the QUADRAJETS - Alabama's favorite sons have been tearin' up the South and the rest of the world for a long time new and their list of records is long and essential to every record collection. Their excitement is beyond catchy and it doesn't take you long to start jumping around with em'. Great guitar chops and powerful bursts of energy are all over this bands sound and fury and RNRAGG has it captured right here.
CRIME KAISERS - Germany's punk rock n' roller bands are few and far between, but the Crime Kaisers are the king of rock/punk there. With their great arrangements and cool songs the Kaiser's can hold up very well againts anything thrown their way. After a string of great singles and comp tracks, the world is waiting for a rip roaring album from them and when it comes, expect another wall to crumbling down.
JACK SAINTS - The wild monster maniacs from Northern California. These guys never let up with their trademark raw punk n' roll bestiallty (with a cool horror fan website to match). Power chords, blasting riffs, pounding skins and thundering strings have you smelling the ozone melt when their lightning hits!
PANADOLLS - In the fine tradition of Radio Birdman, Celibate Rifles, and so on come the solid hard rock sound of Australia's Panadolls. You can hear the beer brewing and the action flowing in their straight ahead rock power. Another good reason to get on a plane and take a bar hopping tour of Australia to catch a surely great band live!

1. Patterson's Curse [PANADOLLS]
2. I Don't Like the Way You Are [CRIME KAISERS]
3. Wasted Years [THE JACK SAINTS]
4. Trading Insults [PANADOLLS]
5. Dixie Speedway [THE QUADRAJETS]
6. S.O.S. For Love [CRIME KAISERS]
7. Lap Dance [THE JACK SAINTS]
8. Tomb Of Johnny Reb [THE QUADRAJETS]

.. Year: 2000
.. Label: Devil Doll Records
.. Country: USA, Germany and Australia
.. Bitrate: VBR
.. MySpace: N/A
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.. Wikipedia: N/A
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MUseless said...

Hahahaha! The Crime Kaisers are nothing than a bunch of STEADILY drunken hillbillies (neither able to play their instruments nor to sing) from the part of germany (The Palatinate), which everyone not living there will call "the land behind the end of NOWHERE and NOTHING"! People there only know 6 things in there life:
grow wine,
get drunk,
grow wine,
get even more drunk,
start it again !
If they from time to time break out of there boring daily life they eat the strangest things made of even stranger parts of pigs' bodies you've ever heard of. If you ever thought the movie "Borat" is not real, than visit The Palatinate! You'll be surprised! For them this si like a documentary! But don't open the window when you're drivin' through the countryside there - these stone age men and cannibals throw stones !

Mike Desert said...

Thanks for posting this! Rock on!

-Mike (the Jack Saints)