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Supersuckers - The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World

The Supersuckers formed in 1988 as The Black Supersuckers in Tucson, AZ. The original line-up was Eddie Spaghetti on bass, Dan "Thunder" Bolton and Rontrose Heathman on guitars, Dancing Eagle on drums, and Eric Martin as the lead singer. In 1989, they moved to Seattle, WA. Here, Eric Martin left the band. The song "Marie" was allegedly dedicated to Martin's mother after his death. The remaining members decided to continue as a four piece with Eddie Spaghetti taking over the vocalist role. They recorded numerous singles for various small labels before being signed to Sub Pop. A sampling of these are collected on the 1992 release The Songs All Sound the Same. Their first album with Sub Pop, The Smoke of Hell, was released in 1992.
In 1995, guitarist Rontrose Heathman temporarily left the band. He was replaced by Rick Sims of the band the Didjits for the recording of their third album, The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers, and the subsequent tour. He returned for the recording of their fourth album, Must've Been High, which, as their first country album, was a major turning point for the band. Their fifth and final album with Sub-Pop was their greatest hits release, 1999's How the Supersuckers Became the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World. That same year they released their fifth studio album, The Evil Powers of Rock 'N' Roll.In 2001, the band formed their own record label, Mid-Fi Recordings. In addition to numerous singles and several live recordings, the band released their sixth studio album, Motherfuckers Be Trippin' on this label. As of May 2005, their most recent release is the singles collection Devil's Food. On tour, the Supersuckers always close their show with a "fake encore," where the band and the audience go through a 15 second pretend exit and stage entrance.

.. Coattail Rider
.. Creepy Jackaloope Eye
.. Born with a Tail
.. Luck
.. On the Couch
.. Doublewide
.. Hot Rod Rally
.. She's My Bitch
.. Bad, Bad, Bad
.. Dead in the Water
.. How to Maximize Your Kill Count
.. Ron's Got the Cocaine
.. Roadworn and Weary
.. Supersucker Drive-By Blues
.. Givin' It Away
.. All Right
.. Saddletramp
.. Can't Resist
.. Dead Homiez
.. Psyched Out
.. Hell City, Hell
.. Before They Make Me Run
.. Bloody Mary Morning
.. Wake Me When It's Over
.. Good Livin'
.. Monkey
.. Beat to Shit

.. Year: 1999
.. Label: Sub-Pop
.. Country: USA (Seattle)
.. Bitrate: VBR
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