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The Stooges - The Stooges

Iggy Pop (born James Newell Osterberg) played in several Ann Arbor, Michigan-area bands as a teenager, including The Iguanas and later The Prime Movers. The Prime Movers nicknamed Osterberg 'Iggy' in reference to his earlier band. Osterberg was first inspired to form The Stooges after meeting blues drummer Sam Lay during a visit to Chicago. He returned to Detroit with the idea that simply copying established blues performers wasn't enough — he wanted to create a whole new form of blues music. Brothers Ron (guitar) and Scott Asheton (drums), along with their friend Dave Alexander (bass guitar) rounded out the rest of the band, with Osterberg taking vocal duties. The three nicknamed Osterberg "Pop" after a local character whom Osterberg resembled. Shortly after witnessing an MC5 concert in Ann Arbor, Osterberg began using the stage name Iggy Pop, a name that he has used ever since.
The band's debut was at a Halloween concert at the their house in State Street in 1967. They did not play live again until January 1968.[3] During this early period, The Stooges were originally billed as the "Psychedelic Stooges" at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan, and other venues, where they played with the MC5 and others. At one of their early Grande Ballroom performances, Asheton's guitar neck separated from the body and forced the band to shut down during the opening song "I Wanna Be Your Dog". The group's early sound was very different from their later music; critic Edwin Pouncey writes,
The Stooges' early musical experiments were more avant garde than punk rock, with Pop incorporating such household objects as a vacuum cleaner and a blender into an intense wall of feedback that one observer described as sounding like "an airplane was landing in the room." Homemade instruments were also incorporated to flesh out the overall sound. The 'Jim-a-phone' involved pushing feedback through a funnel device which was raised and lowered to achieve the best effect. There was also a cheap Hawaiian guitar which Pop and guitarist Ron Asheton would take turns in plucking to produce a simulated sitar drone, while drummer Scott Asheton pounded away at a set of oil drums with a ball hammer.

1. "1969" – 4:05
2. "I Wanna Be Your Dog" – 3:09
3. "We Will Fall" – 10:18
4. "No Fun" – 5:15
5. "Real Cool Time" – 2:32
6. "Ann" – 2:59
7. "Not Right" – 2:51
8. "Little Doll" – 3:20

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