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Red Alert - Breakin`All The Rules + A Session with the Lads

The group was formed in Sunderland in the North East of England in around May 1979. The original line up was Steve 'Cast Iron' Smith (Vocals), Tony Van Frater (Guitar), Gaz Stuart (Bass) and Dona (Drums).
After a couple of months of rehearsals we played our first gig at a carnival in Sunderland. We did a mixed set of self penned songs and a couple of Clash and UK SUBS songs. We began to play at youth clubs in and around Sunderland on a regular basis. Around this time we recorded our first demo tape. The recording turned out so well that we released it as our first record. It was a four-track E.P entitled 'Third and Final' and as it was self financed we could only afford to press 250 copies, which we sold outside of record shops and at gigs.
After the release of this record Mitch replaced Dona on drums. We continued to gig in the North East of England and recorded the 'In Britain' demo. Shortly after this Mitch was replaced on drums by Nobby. We then recorded another four-track demo. After this we recorded two tracks for the 'Cary On Oi!' album.
We recorded 'SPG' and 'We've Got the Power' but only 'SPG' was used. Then on the advice of Gary Bushell we sent the first E.P and the two demos to No Future records and within a week we had signed our first recording contract.
Over the next two years between 1981-83 we released five separate records. These were:- In Britain E.P (3 tracks) Take No Prisoners E.P (3 tracks) We've Got The Power L.P City Invasion (Single) There's A Guitar Burning 12 inch E.P (6 tracks)
Over this period we began touring all around England (Manchester, Leeds, London etc). There was also a steady stream of appearances on compilation albums. After the 'Guitar Burning' E.P Nobby left the band. At the same time our contract with No Future records had ended. We recruited a new drummer named Matty Forster and recorded some new material with the view to getting a new record deal.
It was not long after this, that things didn't feel right within the band due to family commitments and a basic disillusionment with the Oi! and Punk scene that we felt was dying off, we decided to split the band. more >>>

CD1: 1.Only Voice 2.I Ain't Running 3.Reality's Outside 4.Forever 5.Safe European Home 6.Who Pulls the Trigger 7.Lonely Highway 8.Starring Down the Barrel (Of Youth) 9.Out on Freedom Road 10.West One 11.I'll Wave Goodbye 12.Visca el Barca 13.Dead and Buried 14.Living Out the Dream 15.Blood on Blood 16.Breakin' All the Rules.
CD2: 1.Border Guards 2.Murder Missile 3.Screaming At The Nation 4.Empire Of Crime 5.Foreign Affairs 6.Industrial Slide 7.All The Way To Glory 8.Cast Iron's Crusade 9.24 Hours In The City 10.The Art Of Brutality 11.The Calling 12.Long Night In Long Island 13.Out On Freedom Road

.. Year: 1996
.. Label: Dojo Records
.. Country: England, Sunderland
.. Bitrate: 192 kbps
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