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Muzzarelas - - Lotus Rock A.D.

The Muzzarelas started out around March of 1991 out of the desire to play cover songs of their favorite band of all time: The Ramones. Five friends with that in common, rehearsals and concerts in local clubs and bars soon followed, and the band would quickly become notorious for their live performances and unique sense of humor.
With lyrics and artwork absolutely not mainstream, kids could relate to the group’s laid back yet energetic and totally wild attitude, turning each concert into an event not to be missed.
Enough material for an album had been written and exhaustively performed within a year in which the group never stopped playing everywhere they could, winning awards at festivals and thus being able to record their first demo-tapes. The band was invited to be the opening act for bigger acts in the Brazilian underground and alternative scene and later for international acts as well, playing with names such as Ratos de Porao, Marky Ramone, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, The Queers and Fugazi, among others. Soon the word was out that the Muzzarelas didn’t only impress the local kids, but whoever got the chance to witness their live shows.
Ratos de Porao lead singer JoaoGordo was so genuinely impressed that he managed to get the Muzzarelas their first recording deal, for a compilation called ‘Fun, Milk, and Destroy’ and an album, both of which were produced by Joao Gordo himself. In 1995 their debut album, ‘Jumentor’, became available in Brazil and Europe and paved the way for what has now been over a decade of touring and recording and four albums and dozens of compilations the world over. Their latest studio effort, ‘Lotus Rock A.D’, proved to be their finest work to date, with a straight out mix of punk and metal that fans and critics alike find simply irresistible. The album’s artwork, completely done by the band’s bass player, has earned fame of its own. The band’s lineup has remained practically unaltered through all these years, with temporary replacements only, which guarantees the chemistry that generates their music stays untouched. In a world and a country dominated by disposable music and trends, the Muzzarelas have earned the respect of their fans and other musicians as a true rock band, delivering the goods on their albums and kicking some major butt live. Now it is just a matter of time, until the five cheeses take over the world.

.. lotus rock a.d.
.. it's hard to be a viking
.. canibal family
.. bar
.. cokcroach men
.. of destruction
.. born to lose in s.b.o.
.. nude rokin
.. queen of jungle
.. losers of rock
.. among the cockroaches
.. i don't like the way you are
.. killerburgers
.. toilet bowl
.. n.v.e.n.m.d.h.t.i.q.e.o.v.h.s.
.. bonus track

.. Year: 2002
.. Label: n/a
.. Country: Brasil
.. Bitrate: 192 kbps
.. BUY ME: n/a
.. Home-Page: http://www.muzzarelas.com.br/html/main_eng.htm

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