Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mere Dead Men - Stacks, Stilettos, Make-Up & Mohicans

Mere Dead Men formed in 1985, by a handful of people, Mandy included to liven up a small and very sad punk scene. Liverpool and it's surrounding areas where caught up in the throes of the metal and goth movements, there were hardly any punk bands of their type left, yes Pek we know you were busy with the hardcore scene and we have been sadly misquoted on that!!, there were a few hardcore bands around and anarcho bands, but as we said no-one was keeping the original spirit of punk alive, which is what MDM are all about. We began playing locally and promoting gigs at Stairways night club, we then started using some of Mandy's old Iconoclasts contacts, yes Mr Harper, you were a great help and still are, and started playing around the UK. From that we went on to promote shows at Planet X in Liverpool, and started to get a decent following together. Rag joined us on Drums in 1988 and also for a short while we had Hocky from Instant Agony sharing the vocals with Mandy. Ha we entered a talent competition at around this time and boy was it a laugh, we won.....a support slot to the Rock Band Little Angels, that was so funny, the audience didn't know what the hell we were!!!! we also won a day in a recording studio, resulting in our first demo. Richie and Rob have been with us for about 13 years now, Richie coming from local band SO '77 and Rob from Arcoroc, Rob was also in Brum band Drongos for Europe. We have recently been joined by Anton on guitar who was also in the Drongos. We have always been a busy band, obviously over the past few years as we have all got older and had to get jobs, we have slowed the work load down a bit, but we get out and play as often as possible. The band have had several self financed eps etc released and also have 4 albums out,Carry On,Stacks Stilettos Make up and Mohicans,United We Stand and the latest release Lets Do It. The band have played all over the Uk and Europe and continue to win friends wherever they play. WE have a new release out now on psp records. A split CD with Stoke band Impact, so buy it. See PSP myspace site for details. Also if any of you remember Mandys old band The Iconoclasts ( all girl punk band), well we have just found some live footage in fact the only live footage we have ever seen of them. Its on A dvd called "The day the Country Died" and its on cherry red records. Its a history of anarcho punk, and its really good, theres bands on there that even we had forgotten about!

.. stacks, stilettos, make-up & mohicans
.. second hand glory
.. laced up mary
.. existance
.. mental breakdown
.. get a life
.. cruelty '97
.. the venue
.. the ra-ra song
.. it's the rules
.. change
.. alternative ulster

.. Year: 2005
.. Label: Amöbenklang / Finetunes
.. Country: U.K.
.. Bitrate: 192 kbps
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