Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cell Block 5 - Push It!

Cell Block 5 was founded in 1999 by guitarist/singer Dave Dalton, formerly of the Screaming Bloody Marys. Recording their first album the same year, the group began a grueling regiment of playing shows that found them performing with some of the biggest names in the underground punk scene. Along with Dalton, the lineup also includes guitarist John Fortin, bassist Shawn Noon, and drummer Jared Gardener. In 2000 they released their second album, Push It, on Industrial Strength Records. The album included songs written with members of the Dwarves and Pansy Division and featured former Dead Kennedys guitarist East Bay Ray on a track. As of 2001 they continue to tour the country and release new songs on independent punk compilations.
Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide

.. Year: 2000
.. Label: Industrial Strenght Recs.
.. Country: USA
.. Bitrate: VBR (Level 1)
.. MySpace:
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.. Wikipedia: N/A
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.. Home-Page: See MySpace

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Vultch said...

Jared from this band now runs RED DRAGON BOOKING.....he booked a tour for my band once with Italy's RAW POWER. I still owe this guy some money