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The Bruisers - - The Authorized Bruisers 1988-1994

The year was 1988 and vocalist Al Barr and Scotty Davies, the bands first bass player started what would become one of Americas longest running and most widely known Street Punk bands. Over the years the band has released a ton of records, E.P.'s and albums and have had too many line up changes to mention. In 1997 the band teamed up with Cyclone Records and released the very succesful "Molotov" CD. With this disc The Bruisers were back on the map once again as they recaptured the energy, style, and spirit found on their earlier material. The band decided to have Cyclone re-issue their past material in the form of the "Anything You Want...." Retrospective CD. This disc re-introduced the bands out of print back catalog to a ton of new Punk fans. This collection was released in March 1998 and then in July 1998, a full decade after they started playing, The Bruisers decided to call it quits as a band and front man Al Barr joined Dropkick Murphys.
The authorized Bruisers collection featuring 28 songs from 1988 - 1994. This disc is a re-issue of the bands debut album "Cruisin For A Bruisin", their 1991 cassette only release "Independence Day" and the very rare and highly sought after "American Night", "Gates Of Hell", "Intimidation", & "Cloberrin Time" seven inches. It also includes a full color 8 page booklet with liner notes by Bruiser front man Al Barr and artwork from each origional release. This was one of the most influential American Street Punk bands of all time and this disc documents almost a decade of Punk Rock History from this veteran band.

1. Intimidation
2. Anchors Up
3. Society's Fools
4. Blood Shed
5. Overthrow
6. No Truce
7. Work Together
8. Never Fall
9. My Pride
10. 21 Years
11. Nation On Fire
12. We Will Survive
13. Independence Day
14. Eyes On Fire
15. American Night
16. Brown Paper Bag
17. Til The End
18. Greed
19. Raise Yer Glass
20. Borrowed Time
21. Iron Chin
22. Trouble
23. Dead End Boys
24. Fists Full Of Nothin
25. American Night
26. Ollie Vee
27. Gates Of Hell
28. Tear It Up

.. Year: 2000
.. Label: Cyclone Records
.. Country: U.S.A.
.. Bitrate: 192 kbps
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