Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Böhse Onkelz - E.I.N.S.

The ’96 tour with 120,000 concertgoers was a very successful tour and owed much of its success to the album “E.I.N.S.”. E.I.N.S., the Onkelz’ twelfth studio album, was released with the Virgin label in the autumn of 1996 and climbed to number 3 in the Media Control Top 100. The idea behind the album was the Böhse Onkelz’ desire to send their fans the message that they were just as connected with the phenomenon Böhse Onkelz as the band itself. Underlying this release was the idea that everyone was “united” or “one”, fans and band, which is expressed in many of the new texts. The cover photo, a computer-generated morph composed of Kevin’s ear, Pe’s nose, Gonzo’s eye, and Stephan’s mouth, supported this idea visually. This design was also used as the backdrop for the sold-out ’96 tour and made dramatic stage scenery. The sound and lighting technology during this tour were state-of-the-art and impressed fans and media alike. The texts and music of E.I.N.S. were considered absolute masterpieces, an opinion shared by many good critics in the trade magazines. Like its predecessor “Hier sind die Onkelz”, E.I.N.S. is a collection of hardcore rock songs and catchy ballads. With the title “Ihr sollt den Tag nicht vor dem Abend loben” (You shouldn’t praise the day before the evening), the Böhse Onkelz were responding to attacks from die Toten Hosen and die Ärzte, who never missed a chance to speak out against the Onkelz in the media. In their characteristic manner, the Onkelz refused to be provoked into doing the same by defending themselves against the accusations in interviews. Instead they responded with a song. As expected, the media pounced on the song and immediately declared a Onkelz versus Hosen and Ärzte war, which was certainly not the band’s intention. So, in the end, the war went no further than this song, and later statements from Campino in the press showed that the message had hit home. The Hosen immediately withdrew their criticism. Many fans listened to both the Onkelz and the Hosen. Once or twice, fans wearing an Onkelz shirt were not allowed into a Hosen concert. Even today, a deep schism exists between the members of both bands.

.. danket dem herrn
.. nichts ist so hart wie das le
.. wie tief willst du noch sinke
.. ihr sollt den tag nicht vor d
.. zu nah an der wahrheit
.. meister der lügen
.. kirche
.. flammen
.. koma - eine nacht, die niemal
.. auf gute freunde
.. regen
.. zeit zi gehn
.. eine tfahcstob rüf ediona - rap

.. Year: 1996
.. Label: Virgin Records
.. Country: Germany
.. Bitrate: 192 kbps
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