Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Böhse Onkelz - Dopamin

Dopamin, the Böhse Onkelz’ fifteenth album was recorded in 2001 and 2002. It is considered the band’s most mature and international work. From the earliest recordings on Ibiza, studio mixes in Frankfurt, song texts written in Ireland, to the final recordings in the legendary London Abbey Road Studios, Dopamin exudes a remarkably positive energy. After 22 years, the Böhse Onkelz reached the height of their career with Dopamin. The musical arrangements and Stephan Weidner’s work as producer make Dopamin a well-rounded and mature work. For the first time and after a rousing chart entry, this album held the number 1 spot on the Media Control Top 100 Album Charts for two weeks. It should be noted that after Dopamin’s release, even large department store chains like WOM started selling the entire post-1986 repertoire of Onkelz albums, breaking a prolonged and vehemently declared boycott. While the Onkelz proved to be an economic factor that could not be ignored in the music industry, the press blundered on as blindly and ignorantly as ever. Tour 2002, which accompanied the album, was one of the most successful Onkelz tours ever with 200,000 sold tickets and 28 shows with a sold-out capacity of over 90%. The Onkelz hit the Top 5 in the Austrian charts for the first time and played their debut gig in Zurich, Switzerland. Cover stories in relevant music magazines celebrated the Frankfurt band as the German rock band of the year while the Onkelz themselves continued to cold shoulder the media and refused to let any journalists from the daily press into their concerts.

.. die firma
.. narben
.. macht fr den, der sie nicht will
.. mutier mit mir
.. keine amnestie fr mtv
.. wie kann das sein
.. nr. 1
.. stand der dinge
.. ich wei wo du wohnst
.. keine zeit
.. jetzt oder nie
.. nur wenn ich besoffen bin

.. Year: 2002
.. Label: regel23 / Virgin Recs.
.. Country: Germany
.. Bitrate: 192 kbps
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