Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Böhse Onkelz - Adios

When the title of the new album “Adios” was announced to fans in mid-2004, the Onkelz also owed their fans an explanation of why this would be their last studio album. The band issued a statement to this effect on their homepage. The songs for the album were written in Ibiza/Spain, as was its predecessor “Dopamin.” The Onkelz wanted to deliver another really rocking album as farewell, without focusing too much on the band’s breakup. Instead they concentrated more on catchy, fast rock’n’roll with loud, autobiographical texts and hard riffs. Stephan Weidner, as usual, wrote the lyrics to “Adioz” in his secluded house in Ireland. Together with Cuban artist Pozo, who designed the artwork for the single and the album, the band also produced a video clip for the song “Onkelz vs. Jesus” and a “Making of…,” which were placed on the album as a DVD track. In addition to the elaborate 5:1 sound, meanwhile a standard feature of Onkelz productions, the album comes with an animated booklet featuring visuals specially designed by Pozo for each song. The album shot straight to number one on the Media Control Charts Top 100 Longplay and remained there for three weeks. By the time the sold-out Onkelz tour started, the album had gone platinum with over 200,000 copies sold.

.. feuer
.. immer auf der suche
.. superstar
.. sowas hat man
.. ja ja
.. lass mich gehn
.. fang mich
.. einmal
.. kinder dieser zeit
.. haas tler
.. onkelz vs. jesus
.. überstimuliert
.. prinz valium
.. ihr hättet es wissen müssen
.. a.d.i.o.z.

.. Year: 2004
.. Label: regel23 / SPV
.. Country: Germany
.. Bitrate: 192 kbps
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