Saturday, August 23, 2008

Workin' Stiffs - Dog Tired and Then Some

San Fran street punk. This re-issue of the legendary, out-of-print debut includes new (old?) takes of hits from some early vinyl EPs also. It's quick, frenetic hollering; the verses and choruses are right there in your face. You are able to revisit the roots of some of the punk scene here and see why it took hold. Of special note are the bonus tracks, which offer two earlier versions of songs from the debut. "1974" and "New Man" are presented in their original versions, and, well, it's very hard to pick which ones of each that you'll enjoy more. It's always a treat to hear the evolution of a song, but here, you get to hear the raw, untreated versions, and they rawk. If you have/had a Mohawk, wish you ever had one, or just like the San Fran TKO street punk scene, this is a disc for you. Posers, get a listen of this for the real deal. (BW)

on the air / wiggum / 1974 / drool / stiff sentence / petaluma riot city / right where they want me / new man / down the show / runnin' the flatlands / new song-borstal breakout / guns, drugs and trix / 1974 (original version) / new man (original version) / tunnel vision / coaster baby / security wars - give me fire.

.. Year: 2004
.. Label: TKO Recs.
.. Country: USA (San Francisco)
.. Bitrate: 192kbps
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