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Various - The British Punkinvasion Vol. 1

About Destination Venus --- These guys were the shooting stars from "The British Punk Invasion - Vol.1" sampler which led to a contract with the SMOKIN' TROLL label for their debut. Their recent line-up change has taken them to a five piece band with the addition of a rhythm guitar to add more energy. Too rough for pop punk - too melodic for street punk.
About Apocalypse Babys --- 'Birth of the Babys' - 1990, South Normanton, a small town on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border famous for being a small town on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border, or as many have put it, "A good place to move out of". It is here that a young Asterix The Brat decides he wants to be a punk rock star, he searches for talented musicians, unable to find any, he asks a gang of local drunkards thieves and drop outs if they would like to become Apocalypse Babys? "You fuckin' wot?.. they reply! - And so begins 15 years of anarchy, chaos and general mischief! - Yes from Scotland to Cornwall these terrors have been corrupting the nations youth with their punk rock filth and flying the flag throughout Europe for over 15 years now! been held by the terrorist squad in Italy, insulted the food in France, drank Belgium dry and left the women of Holland bo- legged! - Apocalypse Babys have played gay bars, strip joints, biker rallies and nazi gatherings? been attacked, slung out, arrested and banned - one of punk rock..s best-kept secrets. Shunned by certain sections of the scene whilst gaining plaudits from others. outlived nearly every Brit punk band formed in the unfashionable early 1990..s and are still out there, ..forgotten.. but not gone..! - We are the Apocalypse Babys..who the fuck are you?
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About Mere Dead Men --- Mere Dead Men formed in 1985, by a handful of people, Mandy included to liven up a small and very sad punk scene. Liverpool and it's surrounding areas where caught up in the throes of the metal and goth movements, there were hardly any punk bands of their type left, yes Pek we know you were busy with the hardcore scene and we have been sadly misquoted on that!!, there were a few hardcore bands around and anarcho bands, but as we said no-one was keeping the original spirit of punk alive, which is what MDM are all about. We began playing locally and promoting gigs at Stairways night club, we then started using some of Mandy's old Iconoclasts contacts, yes Mr Harper, you were a great help and still are, and started playing around the UK. From that we went on to promote shows at Planet X in Liverpool, and started to get a decent following together. Rag joined us on Drums in 1988 and also for a short while we had Hocky from Instant Agony sharing the vocals with Mandy. Ha we entered a talent competition at around this time and boy was it a laugh, we won.....a support slot to the Rock Band Little Angels, that was so funny, the audience didn't know what the hell we were!!!!
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1. america
2. get up and dance
3. let's go
4. time out
5. i don't wanna hang around with you
6. juke box
7. no feelings
8. 1234
9. up in the country
10. i'm addicted
11. i will always love you
12. minnie mafia
13. neglected 'n' blue
14. cosumer news
15. hip or miss
16. something to believe
17. the corporation
18. boredom boound
19. on the loose
20. media says
21. flesh and blood
22. destiny
23. wat'cha doin
24. no religion

** Tracks 1 to 7 peformed by DESTINATION VENUS
** Tracks 8 to 12 performed by APOCALYPSE BABYS
** Tracks 13 to 19 performed by THE GLORY STRUMMERS
** Tracks 20 to 24 performed by MERE DEAD MEN
- Label: Amöbenklang / Finetunes
- Total Lenght: 68:39
- Bitrate: VBR
- Format: CD (mp3)

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