Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Silver Bullets - Out At Least

Absolutely fantastic real Rock 'n' Roll which is inspired by both the original American Rockabilly and the Great British Rock 'n' Roll sound. The Silver Bullets manage to capture the best of both style, blending them together into their own explosive brand of Rock 'n' Roll. Superb guitar playing and excellent vocals take the lead, with the drums and bass providing a tight and solid beat. Excellent. The Silver Bullets are guitar based Rock'n'roll from Finland. Somehow, Finland seems to churn out excellent guitar bands. Maybe it's those long cold Winter nights spent practising. Like so many of them, this is nicely produced, and while it is totally authentic and well-produced, it's not trying to sound like it was made in a small-time studio in 1955. There are some really nice 'twangy' bits here. If you like your Rock'n'roll to give your stereo something to get its tweeters into, you'll like this. Obviously, the Silver Bullets are not a bunch of hopped-up kids - they've been around a while, and years of listening to Rock'n'roll shine through this CD. Track four is an excellent cover of the Bobby Fuller Four song. Darrel Higham should have covered it!

01 Crazy Little Daisy
02 Little Lonely Summer Girl
03 Hillbilly Music
04 Saturday Night
05 I'll Always Know
06 Lobo Jones
07 Pretend
08 Say When
09 Dream Lover
10 Bundle Of Love
11 Baby Lee
12 Only When I Dream
13 Following The Suspect
14 There Goes My Gal

.. Year: 2001
.. Label: Goofin Records
.. Country: Finland
.. Bitrate: 192 kbps
.. MySpace: XX
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.. Wikipedia: XX
.. Home-Page: XX

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