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PARIS VIOLENCE - (2003) En Attendant L'apocaplypse

Paris Violence is a french Punk Oi group from Paris formed in 1994. Paris Violence is a unique band on French punk scene. The band is exceptional not only for the originality of its music but also because of its lyrics sang on precise and not simplified French, as it is usual for punk/oi bands.
The band was founded in 1994 by Flav (guitar, vocal, author and composer) and passed by different formations including two years of solo performance until Spirou (ex Molodoï) joint the project. Very productive, Paris Violence has produced many discs of all formats LP, CD, EP, 10’ and four albums Temps de Crise en 1998, Mourir en Novembre en 2000, L’âge de Glace en 2001, En attendant l’Apocalypse en 2003. during the first years of its existence the style of the band was cold and mechanic, inspired by the Urban Metal, the groups of Chaos Production from the beginning of the 80s and the realistic rock of the group Pigalle and La Souris Déglinguée.
The sound of Paris Violence is often raw and violent and the compositions are on the minor scale that often resembles the old English oi bands like Angelic Upstarts, Blitz ou Peter & the Test Tube Babies. The lyrics are nihilist, desperate and directly influenced by the magnificent [Louis-Ferdinand Céline], describing a grey and boring Paris; we can visualise these Paris with the drawings of Jacques Tardi. The theme of commercialised sex, sex and peep shops of the hot districts in Paris combines with troubled introspections. With the second and third album the sound of the band becomes clearer and more sophisticated, with a lot of synthesisers that add an accentuated new and cold wave tone to the peaces. The thematic of the lyrics is rich and has often historic subjects: the First World War in the songs « Dans les Barbelés », « Le Chemin des Dames », the cold war « Budapest 56 », « Retour à Budapest », « Char d’Assaut », Paris’ revolutions of the 19th century « Raison d’Etat », Russian civil war « De la Vodka et du Sang », « Ungern-Sternberg », and many other original subjects serve for a focus of their lyrics such as traditional Japan « Les Mondes flottants ». The Album En attendant l’Apocalypse is a strong decadent masterpiece that droughts inspiration from the writers of the end of the 19 c with which Paris Violence definitely breaks up with all the usual clichés of the punk and skin scene. The sound of this fourth album is enriched by heavy metal atmospheric and symphonic tonalities carved on a streetpunk/oi base. We can notice again the influence of literary geniuses such as Baudelaire in Mishima, Cioran, Musset, Honoré de Balzac, Montherlant, Jacques Prevel, Louis Aragon, Lorrain, Maurice Rollinat, Rachilde… that gives an “intellectualised” effect of the whole. The band does not stand behind a particular ideological tendency; their ideology may be defined as individualism and pessimism near to the philosophy of Nietzsche and Rousseau ; a severe critic of the modern world and the society of consummation « le Crépuscule des Idoles », « Non-conforme », « Service inutile »

.. d'Outre Tombe
.. En Attendant l'Apocalypse
.. Au Bord Du Gouffre
.. En Disgrace
.. Les Decadents
.. Les Dieux s'Ennuient
.. Les Charognards Ont Les Yeux Tristes
.. Dandysme
.. Mornes Horizons
.. Le Ciel Se Couvre
.. Confessions d'Un Opiomane

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