Sunday, August 03, 2008

PARABELLUM - (1995) L'intégrale Vol. 1

Parabellum is a French alternative rock/punk rock band. The group formed in 1983 and decided to split up on June 16, 1991 after their Canadian tour. In 1998 they reformed and released two more albums. In 2005, the band did another national tour, climaxing in a gig in Montreal at the end of July. Their cover of the song "Cayenne", a huge revolutionary song at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as their version of "Amsterdam", with the lyrics changed to come out as an anti-drugs song are two of their most popular pieces. The name of the band comes from the Latin proverb: "si vis pacem para bellum" (He who wants peace prepares for war)

.. ilot amsterdam
.. cayenne
.. anarchie en chiraquie
.. kozac surboum
.. doc bollocks
.. vol de nuit
.. berceau neo caveau
.. zig zag rock
.. joyeux noel
.. fuka saddam
.. l'amour a 45 km-h
.. r.i.p.
.. osmose 99
.. pere noel
.. la bombe er moi
.. svp 08 38
.. momo (la petite balle du samedi soir)
.. le bal des canailles
.. les poubelles du coeur
.. papa
.. c. line blues
.. la roue de la fortune
.. les hommes torpilles
.. casbah rodeo
.. bikini
.. le dernier trocson

-- Mantra/Arcade Records
-- Wikipedia
-- Country = France
-- Bitrate = 224 kbps

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