Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ludwig Von 88 - In the Ghettos

1. In the Ghettos
2. La Chance Aux Chansons
3. Nous
4. Twist a Koweit City
5. New Orleans
6. Cannabis
7. Kaliman
8. End of the Trash

[pass - hangoverhard]


Maks said...

Ahh link dont work... and i cant find album in other source;/

please reup this one! said...

maks, I recomended you use "firebox" for "badongo"

Thx for this one!!

Great front cover jejej

cheers from chile

Jack said...

Do you mean firefox?
How changing browser will make the link un-dead?

And I use FF already.

Could someone please re-up this one?
Thanks a lot!
Merci beaucoup!