Sunday, August 03, 2008

KOMINTERN SECT - (1986) Les uns Sans les Autres

KOMINTERN SECT were one of the best Punk/Oi! bands, they formed in Orleans, France in 1981. The line up was Carl(vocals), Jano(bass), Thomas ("Thomoi"-drums) and Punky(guitar). They signed a record deal with CHAOS Productions which was co-owned by Punky and Herve(REICH ORGASM). The bands first appearance on vinyl was in 1982 they contributed three songs to the compilation "Apocalypse Chaos". Not long after they appeared on another compilation called, "Chaos En France", with anew song "Unis Par Le Vin". Their first LP was released in 1983 it was called "Les Seigneurs De La Guerre", and they gigged in France and Germany to promote it. The second volume of "Chaos En France" is released and includes another Komintern Sect song "Reve de Liberté". In October 1984 violence erupts between punks and skins at the Chaos Festival. The Anarcho punk scene was becoming big and Chaos Records was denounced as a skins label. 1985 the band bring in a second guitarist VOVOT, sounding a lot better with a fuller overall sound they record their second LP "Dernier Combat" at the WW Studios in Paris. The LP features 15 songs (2 live) and is a great album but a lot of the fanzine reviews as good as they should have been due mainly to the anarcho punk/skin problem, which is a pity and unfair to the band, a good record is a good record regardless of which tribe you belong to. Another compilation is released "Chaos In Europe" which includes another Komintern song. The next Chaos Festival is being planned featuring the band plus the Adicts, Abrasive Wheels and Al Kapott but it is eventually cancelled. The 80s french oi! scene is in decline, the anarcho/punk scene is now more popular, but in 86 Komintern Sect make it a point of honour to release a last LP "Les Uns Sans Les Autres", its a killer and in my opinion their best album. In 1987 Jano and Punky go on to form Kobolds. Punky then joins Metamorphose in 1991 and then Fet Noz a thrash/hardcore band where he has remained up to now, Thomas is now in Burning Heads, Vavotte joined Al Kapott and then teamed up with Jano again in Hoax and Carl turned to the sixties sounds with Dave and the Magic Mushrooms and then the Cool Jerks....

.. maurice
.. coup d'etat
.. 23 minutes en enfer
.. toujours le premier
.. les autres
.. dans la nuit
.. plus fort que tout

-- Country = France
-- Format = CD
-- Bitrate = VBR

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