Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Government Issue - Boycott Stabb (12'') LP

Boycott Stabb was a natural progression for G.I. in 1983. After the chaotic and funny Legless Bull EP, G.I. began to incorporate more structure in their manic energy. The result? Real songs! Boycott Stabb opens with the anthematic "Hall of Fame". A fast, bouncy bassline and we’re off; great early DC-Core, not unlike Minor Threat's Out of Step EP. Which is no coincidence, Brian Baker had previously joined G.I.'s ranks prior to this album and contributed to the songwriting with Tom Lyle. Just listen to "Plain to See", a song that uses screeching guitars and feedback with great effect. "Happy People" is the most poppy song on the album not unlike the Dickies, only more sarcastic and darker. Listening to the album today, just makes you realise how honest this type of music was, it may be simple for today's standards but it's from the heart. G.I. never recorded anything as "hardcore" as this anymore and each album was something different, culminating in the popcore masterpieces You and Crash.

1. hall of fame
2. hour of 1
3. g.i
4. puppet on a string
5. sheer terror
6. happy people
7. lost in limbo
8. plain to see
9. partyline
10. here's the rope
11. insomniac

-- Fountain Of Youth Recs. / Dischord Records
-- Year: 1981
-- Bitrate: 192kbps
-- Country: USA
-- Genre: Hardcore

[pass - hangoverhard]

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