Monday, August 18, 2008

Defiance - A Decade of Defiance 1993-2003 - Complete Singles Collection

Yet another American punk band that takes all its musical and visual cues from the early-'80s second wave of U.K. punks, Defiance has lasted longer than most by stripping the music of all extraneous influences, purifying its songs into gem-hard little nuggets of shout-along political punk. There's nothing unique or odd about songs like "No Future No Hope" and "Your Country Is Shit," which makes them immediately accessible to generations of bright but pissed-off 17-year-olds with As in circles scribbled on their denim jackets with ballpoint pens. This might seem unkind, but it's undeniably true that although this compilation gathers a full decade's worth of singles and EPs from this Portland trio, A Decade of Defiance truly sounds like it could have been recorded at any point in that decade, or the one before it, in not much more than the 74 minutes it takes to listen to the whole thing.
~~~ by Stewart Mason, Allmusic

fall into line / warfare / does this system work / no time / your country is shit / fight the real enemy / no future no hope / waste of time / back on the piss again / too close to being over / affect change / fodder / burn / success unattainable / concealed genocide / hands of the few / kept docile / i'd rather fuckiing die / portland's burning / untitled.

- Year: 2003
- Label: Punkcore Records
- Bitrate: 192 kbps
- Genre: Punk/Hardcore
- Country: USA

[ pass - hangoverhard ]

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