Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cryptic Slaughter - Speak Your Peace

Speak Your Peace is the fourth and final album from crossover thrash/hardcore punk band, Cryptic Slaughter. It was released in 1990 on Metal Blade Records and follows 1988's Stream of Consciousness. Actually, the band had split up following the 1988 album and remaining member, Les Evans, relocated from California to Oregon and reformed with three new members – including former Wehrmacht drummer, Brian Lehfeldt. The resulting album was quite a change in style for the band, moving from their hardcore punk roots more to a crossover thrash sound, complete with quirky rhythms and melodies. The band again split shortly after this release.

1. Born to Soon
2. Still Born, Again
3. Insanity By The Numbers
4. Co-Exist
5. Deathstyles of the Poor And Lonely
6. One Thing Or Another
7. Divided Minds
8. Speak Your Peace
9. Killing Time

.. Year: 1990
.. Label: Metal Blade Records
.. Country: USA
.. Bitrate: 256 kbps
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