Sunday, August 24, 2008

Assück - Misery Index

Great shit, this is pure fucking crustcore if you have never heard them then you will like this if you like bands like Phobia,Extreme noise terror,Nausea,Doom,Anti product,Disrupt,Destroy,Resist and exist and other crust,grind,peace,anarcho bands. Yeah this is ASSUCK. brutal, short, heavy, loud, and fast. i don't know any other way to explain this thing. for any fans of Charles Bronson Capitilist Casualties or Spazz. i give it a 4 cause it is just to damn short only about 15 minutes of all out distuction. Florida Grind act ASSUCK made quite an impression despite their brief lifespan. Founded in 1992 by vocalist / guitarist Steve Heritage the band went through a succession of line ups. The 1995 line up included vocalist Paul Pavlovich, bassist Pete Jay and the NASTY SAVAGE credited drummer Rob Proctor. Bass guitar during 1996 was delegated to INHUMANITY and SCROTUM GRINDER's Steve Kosiba.
Daryl Kahan, erstwhile drummer for New York Hardcore act CITIZEN'S ARREST as well as figuring on the debut BORN AGAINST single, would front the band for a European tour. He would subsequently join arch Black Metal act ABAZAGORATH under the stage pseudonym of 'Morgul'. He would also lead FUNEBRARUM. During 2001 Daryl Kahan would also be located fronting Spanish band VOICE OF HATE.

1. Qed
2. Salt Mine
3. Corners
4. Dataclast
5. Blight of Element
6. Talon of Dominion
7. Unrequited Blood
8. Wartorn
9. Sum and Substance
10. Riven
11. Reversing Denial
12. Lithographs
13. Intravenous
14. Moment to Failure
15. In Absence

.. Year: 1997
.. Label: Sound Pollution
.. Country: USA
.. Bitrate: 192 kpbs
.. MySpace:
.. Wikipedia:ück
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