Monday, August 18, 2008

American Steel - Rogue's March

Rogue's March is a powerful, moving, and exciting record that Lookout! is proud to release. The songs are catchy in a non pop way, and the band is at an exciting point in their own development. At this point in their artistic life, AMERICAN STEEL has fully absorbed their influences and has begun to make their own original style of harder punk. Their strong music and heartfelt message is a breath of fresh air in the punk rock world today.

1. Loaded Gun
2. Every New Morning
3. Graveyards
4. Got A Backbeat
5. Rogue's March
6. Whiskey, Women, and Blackguarding
7. Hope Springs From Somewhere
8. Insurrection Ave.
9. Bloody Murder
10. One Of These Days
11. There Could Be More
12. Optimist
13. Parting Glass

- Year: 1999
- Label: Lookout Records
- Bitrate: 192 kbps
- Genre: Punk
- Country: USA
- Format: CD

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