Saturday, July 26, 2008

VARIOUS: Anti-Disco League Vol. 1 (VBR)

1. give us back st. george's day (Retaliator)
2. take on the world (The Templars)
3. heroes (Crashed Out)
4. france perdue (Haircut)
5. Oi oi nippon (Bulldogg Samurai)
6. lebenslauf (Stomper 98)
7. brick & stone (Counterattack)
8. des kontrol (Des Kontrol)
9. lyonsheart (Southpaw Manners)
10. back in the papers (On-File)
11. american psycho (Pissed On Arrival)
12. on the road (anti-disco version) (Deadline)
13. go home (A.P.A.)
14. periferia (Devilskins)
15. you and me (No Man's Land)
16. dangermouse (Urban Riot)


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Sunday, July 20, 2008

77: Revolution Rock

77 is an artistic symbiosis between dadaism, fluxus, and punk. Fronted by Paulo Eno, a man who has already been given the nickname of an "intellectual GG Allin" in Portugal, 77 is the nailbomb that is going to deprogram society. Combining '77 style punk rock with eye-opening lyrical assaults on political issues, 77 is an extremely refreshing smack in the face for everyone who is bored with the same generic, watered-down music which has so recently become the definition of punk rock.

.. hommage a John Cage
.. sex
.. needle park
.. exploited workers - talk too much
.. american way of life
.. salvador allende
.. cuba
.. religion
.. state of liberty
.. happy days
.. weekend punks
.. jamaican (punk-reggae party)
.. yesterday boys
.. be hop a lula - hommage to the cramps
.. new york city
.. relations
.. i hate you
.. glen new york blanca
.. 77
.. immortal che

- Bitrate = 256kbps
- Covers = No
- Year = 1999
- Label = Elevator Music


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Det var 1989 DLK startades. Jag hade fått hoppa in som trummis i Kalle & Chokladfabriken. Det var Björns och Egils band, och deras trummis fick inte följa med till Murmansk. Egil skulle flytta, så jag och Björn besämde oss för att bilda ett band. Björn hittade namnet i en bok om Sovjetunionens kulturliv: "Musiken är lika tam som namnet på ett av banden, De Lyckliga Kompisarna". Denna översättning passade in på oss. Vi var liksom inga hårdingar. Vi satte igång och repetera. Matte Ander spelade trummor och Sussie Persson kom med på gitarr. Jag spelade bas och sjöng. Björn spelade gitarr. Det är förresten Matte som sjunger Scaniahjon på första EP:n. Den betalade vi med studielånspengarna och sålde på de musikföreningar vi brukade spela på. I Hedemora fick Granberg se oss. Så blev det planerat att vi skulle spela in en skiva på Birdnest. Någon gång på våren 1991 ombildades bandet. Jouni Haapala kom då med och Sussie och Matte slutade. Vid denna tid repade vi många gånger i veckan och skrev låtar som CP framför sin TV och Dricka sprit och hålla käften. Vi åkte runt i min gamla Ford Granada och spelade på varenda musikförening som hörde av sig. Gaget kunde vara allt från en back öl och bensinpengar till en dunk sprit eller till och med pengar. Skivinspelningen tog fart i september 1991, och skivan fick heta Le som en fotomodell. 1992: Sussie kom med igen. Vi spelade på Totalgalan på Kolingsborg i Stockholm, och på demoscenen på Hultsfredsfestivalen. 1993: Egil kom med. Vi spelade in skivan Tomat, och Ishockeyfrisyr började spelas på P3. Det var radiosporten som började. På hösten blev det helt ny sättning igen. Jouni, Björn och Egil slutade. Krille Roth och Jocke Levin började. Vi blev bokade av Kontur till mängder av gig.

.. troll och häxor
.. ölstugan som inte finns
.. egon
.. allmosor
.. impad
.. vi är de lyckliga kompisarna
.. kofangare
.. tänk om jag vore...
.. le som en fotomodell
.. cp framför sin TV
.. smet
.. evigt liv
.. där värmen tar vid
.. dricka sprit och halla kaften
.. dit kuken pekar
.. scania-hjon
.. röd fredag
.. hallucination i himmelen

- Bitrate = 256kbps
- Covers = No
- Country = Sweden
- Label = Birdnest
- Year = 1992


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Der Bonner Bassist Heiner Olbrich bekommt das Angebot, mit einem Song seiner Band auf dem Sampler „Kulturschock Attacke 2“ (Sonic) teilzunehmen. Problem: Seine Band hat sich gerade aufgelöst. Um die Option dennoch wahrzunehmen, überzeugt er befreundete Musiker von dem Projekt und gemeinsam mit „Tommy“ Koeppe (Voc., Ex-Canal Terror), Volker Voigt (Git.) und „Tommes“ Wichmann (Dr.) wird in irgendeinem halbprofessionellen Tonstudio (eigentlich war es eher ein Hobbykeller am äußersten Rand der Zivilisation) der Song „Just a lie“ auf Platte gebannt. In feuchtfröhlicher Runde wird wenig später der Bandname MOLOTOW SODA nebst gleichnamigem Getränk (im 5-Liter-Kanister werden je 1 Pulle Blue Curacao, 1 Flasche Eierlikör, 1 Flasche Rum und jede Menge Zitronenkonzentrat gemixt) aus der Taufe gehoben und aufgrund der netten „Zusammenarbeit“ eine Weiterführung der Band vereinbart.

.. eigen urin
.. ich brech aus
.. antifreund
.. meine mutti ist ein hool
.. schau niemals zureck
.. ravioli und arsen
.. krieg im kaufhaus
.. city punk
.. laborratte
.. arschkriecher
.. lecker bier
.. nachts am flub
.. stammtisch-hitler
.. loser wie ich

- Year = 2000
- Label =
- Country = Germany
- Covers = No
- Bitrate = 256kbps
- Format = CD (mp3)


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.. intro
.. révlolte
.. l'opium du peuple
.. vocations
.. societé anonyme
.. personne ne m'a iinviteé´
.. odeur de sainteté
.. le pape immobile
.. juillet 36
.. la mankhnovchtchina
.. hécatombe
.. black country blues
.. la valse
.. la tondeuse à gazon
.. la machine à laver
.. ik hou van u
.. das was een kus
.. pamela
.. crös singlé
.. la moustache
.. le courage des oiseaux
.. le père duchène
.. l'internationale


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SLUG: Sur Le Vif

.. intro
.. victime
.. à quoi bon
.. million tears
.. jour H
.. je m'ennuie
.. paranoid
.. tout ce fric
.. let's lynch the landlord (DK's)


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SPLODGENESSABOUNDS: A Nightmare on Rude Street

Another great collection of Splodgenessatunes to keep the world turning within their aural renditions of Viz comic style lyrics and lads lingo. An oddity is apparent herein, though, with a track titled 'Lemmy's Mole' which no doubt caused a wry smile from the man himself.

.. touch of the rods (A day in the life of a quierboy)
.. answers on a postcard
.. double entendres (song for finbarr)
.. lemmy's mole (wart)
.. lager in the house
.. go the whole hog
.. not many people know that
.. haemorrhoids
.. rude boy
.. they're coming to take me away

- Year = 1991
- Bitrate = 256kbps
- Format = mp3
- Covers = No
- Receiver Records


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Saturday, July 19, 2008

V.A.: I Hate CD's - Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection Vol. 1 (3CDs)

A comprehensive survey of the state of greasy, trashy rock & roll.
For close to two decades, NYC’s Norton Records has played a key role in rescuing the distinctly American artform of greasy, trashy rock from extinction. I Hate CDs is a 3-CD set (I know, I know) culled from forty-five 45s put out by the label. It features artists that span the decades, from yesteryear up to today; it also serves as a comprehensive document of what this label — and this music — are all about.
The Dictators' “Who Will Save Rock and Roll?” opens the collection; it's a new song from an old-time trashy punk band, and it serves as a great rallying cry for the collection. Norton flagship artist, one-man-band Hasil Adkins (possibly the only artist ever to have a compilation record that consists solely of songs with the word “chicken” in the title) is represented (natch) with “Chicken Shake,” a song brimming with the no-fi Jerry Lee Lewis vibe that defines his work. Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill house band the re-invents “Harlem Shuffle” as an organ-driven go-go swirl. “Are You For Real” proves that Question Mark and the Mysterians were good for much more than “96 Tears,” and “Jungle Stomp” by Johnny Clark and the Four Playboys is a fun mid-tempo swampy surf romp. It's easy to rattle on and on about I Hate CDs — on a good day, I could go from sunup to sundown. For brevity's sake, let’s just say that this compilation is a great way to unearth the multitude of treasures make up the Norton catalogue.
--- by Erick Zeidenberg

Disc 1
1. Who Will Save Rock And Roll? [The Dictators] 3:00
2. Shortnin' Bread [The Readymen] 2:42
3. I Hate CD's [Legendary Stardust Cowboy] 3:28
4. The Girl Can't Dance [Bunker Hill] 1:55
5. Hot Lips Baby [Herbie Duncan] 2:21
6. The Monkey Speaks His Mind [Andre Williams] 2:52
7. The Limp [Incredible Kings] 2:07
8. Rock And Roll Deacon [Screaming Joe Neal] 2:11
9. Number Nine Train [Dale Hawkins] 2:23
10. I Want To Be Your Boyfriend [Ramones] 2:22
11. Switchen In The Kitchen [Don "Pretty Boy" Covay] 2:27
12. Harlem Shuffle ['s] 2:21
13. Lover Lover [Daryl Britt and the Blue Jeans] 1:38
14. Chicken [Jack Starr] 3:20
15. A Certain Guy [Mary Weiss] 2:55

Disc 2
1. Hear Voices [Screamin' Jay Hawkins] 3:06
2. Puddy Cat [Wade Curtiss & The Rhythm Rockers]
3. Rockin' This Joint To-Nite [Kid Thomas]
4. Fluctuation [Shades of Night]
5. September Gurls [Big Star]
6. Surfside Date [Triumphs]
7. Jungle Stomp [Johnny Clark & The Four Playboys]
8. Slow Down [Doug Sahm & The Pharoahs]
9. Zippered Up Heart [Reign]
10. Rockin' The Joint [Esquerita]
11. Chicken Shake [Hasil Adkins]
12. Busy Body [The Sonics]
13. Sapphire [Danny Zella & The Zell Rocks]
14. New Spark [Johnny Powers & The A-Bones]
15. I Can't Win [Monacles]

Disc 3
1. Hey Mrs. Jones [Long John Hunter]
2. All Kindsa Girls [The Real Kids]
3. Judy Is A Punk [Ramones]
4. Bad Times [Scott McKay]
5. Are Your For Real? [Question Mark & The Mysterians]
6. Stop It Baby [Roy Loney & The A-Bones]
7. The Witch [Stud Cole]
8. Marie [The Alarm Clocks]
9. Better Watch Out [Creations]
10. My Hot Mama [Sabres]
11. Hot Rod Millie [The Hentchmen]
12. A Cutie Named Judy [Jerry McCain And His Upstarts]
13. I've Had Enough [Unknown Group]
14. Twinkle Toes [The Neanderthals]
15. Vendetta [Link Wray & The Raymen]

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So Earache finally got off their dead asses and decided to cater to some of their old school fans. Last time, it was the first two Nocturnus albums. Now you're seeing 2 more classic Earache reissues, Spazztic Blur, and the band here known as Unseen Terror. For those of you who have been living under a rock, Unseen Terror consists of the first recordings by founders Shane Embry (Napalm Death, Malformed Earthborn, and Lock Up) and Mitch Dickinson (Heresy) from 1987. This is classic shit with very catchy lyrics, you'll even catch yourself singing/shouting along with Mitch as he goes off in his tangents. The sound quality is quite rough, but what can you expect from one of the first Earache releases. This CD has the original Human Error LP fully restored, plus bonus tracks from their 1986 demo (which got them signed) and their final recordings in 1989 plus liner notes from Mitch Dickinson himself. There's been talk of an Unseen Terror reunion, and the liner notes do state that that's not too far from reality. I'll tell you one thing, this is a piece of history, old schoolers will froth in the mouth knowing they don't have to wear out that old Human Error LP, The kids getting into extreme metal would learn a thing or two about how grindcore was originally played, raw, fast, and unrelenting. Buy this CD!!
--- by Insane Wayne, Grave Music Forum

.. unseen terror
.. oblivion descends
.. divisions
.. death sentence (of the innocent)
.. nermal
.. ignorant scene
.. uninformed
.. expulsion of wrath
.. garfield for president
.. burned beyond recognition
.. winds of pestilence
.. hysteria
.. in a shallow grave
.. odie's revenge
.. deliverance
.. the end product
.. to live and learn
.. charred remains
.. beyond eternity
.. garfield strikes again
.. expulsion of wrath (demo)
.. scarred
.. walls
.. human error
.. within without

- Earache Records
- Original Release Date = 1987
- Formats = CD/LP
- Bitrate = 192kbps
- Genre = Grindcore


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COCK SPARRER: 2 albums + 2 EPs

Cock Sparrer (initially Cock Sparrow) are a punk rock band formed in 1974 in the East End of London, England. Although they never enjoyed much commercial success, the band is considered one of the most influential streetpunk bands in history, helping pave the way for the late-1970s punk scene and the Oi! subgenre. Their style was influenced by pub rock, glam rock and raw 1960s beat music as delivered by bands like the Small Faces and The Who. Their lyrics mostly dealt with topics related to the daily lives of working class people. Cock Sparrer's songs have been covered by many punk, Oi!, and hardcore bands. Their name is sometimes thought to refer to cock fighting (as in 'sparring'), although as evidenced by their original name, Cock Sparrow, it refers instead to a Cockney term of familiarity.
--- My Space:

***** Rumours Carry More Weight Than Fact
.. runnin' riot (demo)
.. chip on my shoulder (demo)
.. we love you (demo)
.. sister suzie (demo)
.. taken for a ride (demo)
.. again and again (demo)
.. what's it like to be old (demo)
.. england belongs to me
.. argy bargy
.. working
.. i've got your number
.. watch your back
.. riot squad (live)
.. where are they now (live)
.. white riot (live)
.. the sun says
.. run with the blind
.. price too high to pay
.. is anybody there
.. closedown
.. think again
.. out on an island

- Step 1 UK Records
- Original Release Date = 1999
- Audio CD = March 13, 2006
- Bitrate = 256kbps


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***** Run Away (EP-LP)

.. run away johnny
.. why can't you see
.. sunday stripper
.. secret army
.. because you're young
.. chip on your shoulder
.. we're coming back

- Bitzcore Records
- Release Date = 1995
- LP Record = July 9, 1996
- Bitrate = 320kbps


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***** Still A Teenager (EP)

.. runnin' riot
.. teenage heart
.. england
.. run for cover
.. colonel bogey


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***** True Grit

.. we love you
.. sister suzie
.. platinum blonde
.. taken for a ride
.. again and again
.. runnin' riot
.. chip on your shoulder
.. what'cha gonna do about it
.. teenage heart
.. i need a witness

- Original Release Date = 1987 (LP)
- Razor Records


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There is only one band, that stood out from all the other so-called ska/punk acts. That band ladies and gentlemen is none other then the Skoidats. What makes the Skoidats stand out from the pack you say, well it's the way they blend trad -ska w/ heavy oi! influence, which is sure to please those who are "in the mood for ska", but at the same time satisfy that oi! craving in you aswell. Originaly started in Helena, Montana(soon moving to Missiola, Montana). The skoidats needed a horn section, so they placed an ad in the newspaper. The ad was soon answered by 2 members of University of Montana, who were the first and the only horn section auditioned. So came the birth of this awsome band.
This is their debute record on Moon Ska Records, called "The Times". The cd is a remarkable mix off a variety of music(something most ska/punk bands lack), such as ska,jazz and some oi for ya'll, making this album enjoyed not just by one group of people, but a lot of people with a variety tastes. The songs on this album show how the Skoidats can still play oi, but remember their ska history/roots on songs such as "Alone","Moonstomp 97" and "Halfway There".
Let me go through some of my favorite tracks on this cd. This cd has songs about having fun with friends and in general with songs like "Saturday Skins","Last Night", and "The Times" or songs about just drinking beer like "Beer Beer Beer" in which the pay tribute to the creator of beer Charlie Mopps "Long time ago, way back in history there was nothing to drink was nothing but cup of tea, but then came along a man by the name of Charlie Mopps and he made a wonderful drink and he made it have hops." Whatever you are into, be sure to pick up "The Times" by the Skoidats and let the good times roll. Even though this band is no more after 2 ep's 2 lp's and a split with their good buddies Inspecter 7, the Skoidats broke up, but their memory lives on. Every time someone picks up a beer at a local pub, the Skoidats will be remembered. "28 years and 3 millions of miles later, we're still stomping." cheers!
--- by Alex Rud,

.. saturday skins
.. granted
.. whirlwind
.. alone
.. last night
.. rootsawalkin'
.. moonstomp '97
.. still standing
.. halfway there
.. goggles & blinders
.. yesterday
.. josh & john's revenge
.. the times
.. beer, beer, beer


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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HARD-ONS: (1992) Dateless Dude's Club

The Hard-Ons' origins can be traced to Western Sydney's Punchbowl Boys High School, where all three band members were students. The multicultural trio of drummer/vocalist Keish De Silva (of Sri Lankan descent), guitar/vocals Blackie (Yugoslavian heritage) and bassist Ray Ahn (Korean ancestry) were initially too young to play gigs in pubs, but honed their skills playing at parties and school dances. After all turning 18 years old, the band made its first 'proper' live debut in June 1984 at Ultimo's Vulcan hotel. [2] Quickly gaining a considerable following, the band released its debut EP (Surfin On My Face) the following year.
Subsequent recordings like Smell My Finger, Dickcheese, Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts and Yummy! were well-received by fans and set the blueprint for the 'Hard-Ons sound': messy pop-punk with metal and psychedelia elements. The band also showed their independent punk spirit, with the members deliberately controlling their own careers: recording, booking and promoting themselves, creating their own artwork, choosing support bands and even managing the merchandise desk whilst on tour. These unconventional decisions, combined with songwriting talents, powerful live performances and a healthy sense of humour earned the band a large following in Europe as well as their native Australia.

.. She's a Dish
.. Selfish
.. World
.. Hate so Hard
.. Test
.. Raining
.. What Am I S'posed to Do?
.. Suck 'n' Swallow


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HARD-ONS: (1991) Dull (CD-EP)

Following the release of 1994's Too Far Gone, the band members announced that they were breaking up, with an interest in pursuing projects outside the Hard-Ons' style of music. This break was interrupted by a 'reunion' gig in October 1997, which was followed by the release of a new EP (Yesterday And Today) and a Best Of compilation. Following This Terrible Place... in 2000, the band's first line-up change occurred, with charismatic drummer and singer Keish deciding to leave the band. To accommodate this, guitarist Blackie took up full-time vocals with the group and Front End Loader/Regurgitator drummer Pete Kostic was brought into the line-up. This new trio released Very Exciting! in 2003.

.. dull
.. sri lanka
.. just being with you
.. growing old


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HARD-ONS: (1991) Let There Be Rock (Single-CD)

A 1987 BEAT Magazine article described the Hard-Ons' sound as "Motörhead meets the Beach Boys" a quote that goes some way towards describing the band's take on the punk rock genre. Though originally inspired by punk bands such as Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks, The Damned, Ramones and The Saints , the band also blended pop, psychedelia and metal elements; "death-pop" as once described by Ray Ahn. The band were also noteworthy not only within punk, but also within rock music for having their lead vocals handled by Keish, the group's drummer. The physical challenge of drumming to the band's fast punk rock songs as well as singing (as opposed to shouting) made for charismatic live performances. Guitarist Blackie provides another original touch to the band with his guitar playing. Backed by Ray Ahn's bass playing, Blackie's guitar solos have a distinctive sound which is both melodic and messy, often making use of feedback.
Major recurring lyrical themes range from girls, love and relationships (e.g.: "I Do I Do I Do", "Just Being With You", "Girl in the Sweater") to toilet humour ("I Farted", "Oozin' for Pleasure") as well as other variations, particularly in the post-Keish line-up of the band.

.. let there be rock (AC/DC cover)
.. carry me down (with Henry Rollins singing)


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HARD-ONS: (1992) Rarities

Although not as widely known as some classic punk and independent bands, the Hard-Ons have carved a notch into the world of punk rock and have assembled a cult following of fans worldwide. They are also said to be Australia's most successful independent band ever, with over 250,000 records sold worldwide and 17 consecutive number one hits on the Australian alternative charts, their popularity far outstretches the shores of Australia with cult following especially in Europe and at one time a UK cover band known as Suck n Swallow. [6] The band have a number of prominent fans such as Jello Biafra and Henry Rollins (who they recorded the AC/DC cover Let There Be Rock with in 1991), as well as having toured with The Ramones, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Butthole Surfers, as well as countless other bands.

.. squathouse
.. the girl in the sweater
.. i heard her call my name
.. got a baby
.. show us what ya got
.. walk all over you
.. graham
.. lick it up
.. ache to touch you
.. feast on flesh
.. missing you missing me
.. where did she come from
.. suck 'n' swallow
.. just being with you
.. little miss evil
.. love hurts
.. simple love
.. hate so hard
.. shit #2
.. something is wrong
.. shoot shoot
.. goodbye


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HARD-ONS: (2000) This Terrible Place

In 2005 the 21st anniversary of the band's first pub gig was celebrated by an Australian and European tour as a four-piece, with Pete drumming and Keish front stage, centre on vocals. Although technically still a three-piece band, it is clear that Keish De Silva still shares a close relationship with his old band. Recordings were made in 2006 with contributions from all four band members (though primarily Blackie, Ray and Pete), with the intention of releasing a double album of material. This project was eventually released as two separate albums: the 'poppier' Most People Are a Waste of Time (2006) and the 'heavier' Most People Are Nicer Than Us (2007), with subsequent tours around Australia.
The band reportedly recorded a record with U.S. comedian Neil Hamburger on guest lead vocals in January, 2008.

.. oyster sauce
.. strangers
.. ice cream
.. first cut is the weakest
.. time won't let me
.. trouble trouble
.. dim the lights
.. shark's head
.. fallen star
.. charger
.. i'm bringing your death
.. nosebleed
.. sadly ever after
.. birthday
.. vultures
.. i hate clubbers


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Thursday, July 10, 2008

TOY DOLLS: History, Vol. 2 (DCD)

Disc: 1
1. Theme Tune from Dig That Groove
2. My Wife's a Psychopath
3. Bless You My Son
4. My Girlfriend's a Vicar
5. David's Xr2
6. I'm a Lonely Bastard
7. Bowling Barmy
8. Park Lane Punch Up
9. Taken for a Mug
10. We Quit the Calvary
11. She's a Leech
12. Melancholy Margaret
13. Queen Alexandra Road
14. Peter Practice's Practice Place
15. Dez the Demon Decorator
16. Carol Dodds Is Pregnant
17. Lester Fiddled the Tax Man
18. Drooling Banjos
19. She'll Be Back With Keith Someday
20. Yellow Burt

Disc: 2
1. Up the Garden Path
2. Bachelor Boy/When Garry Married Melanie
3. Fat Bob's Feet!
4. Wipe Out
5. Turtle Crazy!
6. Yul Brynner Was a Skinhead
7. Poverty Pleadin' Peter
8. Florence Is Deaf (But There's No Need to Shout)
9. Any Dream Will Do
10. One More Megabyte
11. Coppers Copt Ken's Cash
12. Hanky Panky
13. Geordie's Gone to Jail
14. I Tried to Trust Tracey
15. We're Mad
16. In Tommy's Head
17. Deidre's a Slag
18. Me N' John Williams
19. One Night in Moscow
20. Toy Doll Tonic


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Sunday, July 06, 2008

BUZZCOCKS: (1989) Live at Roxy Club '77

To put it mildly, April of 1977 was not a peak moment in the Buzzcocks' career -- Howard DeVoto had just bailed out to form Magazine, Pete Shelley was taking his first stab at lead-vocal duties, Steve Diggle had newly made the change from bass to guitar, and Garth Smith was in the infancy of his brief six-month tenure as Diggle's replacement on bass. Clearly, the stage was set for disaster, and that disaster played itself out in full over the course of the live performance at London's Roxy documented on this disc: Diggle's guitar playing is atrocious, Smith's basslines are stiff, and while there's obviously a great deal more going wrong, the poor quality of the live recording renders it all hopelessly obscured. Yet Live at the Roxy Club: April '77 is a fascinating, invaluable document because it is so very bad -- just six months later, keep in mind, the Buzzcocks would unleash "Orgasm Addict," the first in the series of breathtaking singles that would cement their reputation as one of punk's most important bands. That records like "What Do I Get?" and "Ever Fallen in Love" could come from such humble beginnings only makes them that much more remarkable, and beginnings don't come much humbler than Live at the Roxy Club: April '77.
-- by Jason Ankeny, allmusic

1. Orgasm Addict
2. No Reply
3. Get On Your Own
4. Fast Cars
5. What Do I Get
6. Friends Of Mine
7. 16
8. Time's Up
9. Oh Shit
10. Boredom
11. Love Battery


BUZZCOCKS: (1998) BBBC Sessions

Formed in Manchester, England, in 1975, the Buzzcocks were one of the most influential bands to emerge in the initial wave of punk rock. With their crisp melodies, driving guitars, and guitarist Pete Shelley's biting lyrics, the Buzzcocks were one of the best, most influential punk bands. The Buzzcocks were inspired by the Sex Pistols' energy, yet they didn't copy the Pistols' angry political stance. Instead, they brought that intense, brilliant energy to the three-minute pop song. Shelley's alternately funny and anguished lyrics about adolescence and love were some of the best and smartest of his era; similarly, the Buzzcocks' melodies and hooks were concise and memorable. Over the years, their powerful punk-pop has proven enormously influential, with echoes of their music being apparent in everyone from Hüsker Dü to Nirvana.
Before the Buzzcocks, the teenaged Pete Shelley had played guitar in various heavy metal bands. In 1975, he enrolled in the Bolton Institute of Technology. While he was at school, Shelley joined an electronic music society, which is where he met Howard Devoto, who had enrolled at BIT in 1972. Both Shelley and Devoto shared an affection for the Velvet Underground, while Devoto was also fascinated by the Stooges. While they were still in school, Shelley and Devoto began rehearsing with a drummer, covering everything from the Stooges to Brian Eno. The trio never performed live and soon fell apart. Shelley and Devoto remained friends and several months after their initial musical venture dissolved, the pair read the first live review of the Sex Pistols in NME and decided to see the band in London. After witnessing the band twice in February 1976, the pair decided to form their own band, with the intent of replicating the Pistols' London impact in Manchester.
--- by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, allmusic

1. sixteen again
2. nothing left
3. promises
4. lipstick
5. do it
6. isolation
7. palm of your hand
8. ever fallen in love
9. energy
10. libertine angel
11. last to know
12. playing for time
13. totally from the heart
14. i don't mind
15. turn off the screw
16. thunder of hearts
17. fiction romance
18. love battery
19. harmony in my head
20. time's up


BUZZCOCKS: (2001) Beating Hearts - Live at Apollo, Manchester '78

Both musicians decided to change their last names -- Peter McNeish became Pete Shelley and Howard Traford became Howard Devoto -- and took their group's name from a review of Rock Follies, which ended with the quotation "get a buzz, cock." The Buzzcocks began rehearsing, picking up a local drummer and bassist Garth Smith. Shortly after their formation, Shelley and Devoto booked a local club, the Lesser Free Trade Hall, with the intent of persuading the Sex Pistols to play in Manchester. They succeeded in bringing the Pistols to Manchester, but the Buzzcocks had to pull out of their own gig when both the bassist and drummer left the group before the concert. At the Pistols show, Shelley and Devoto met Steve Diggle, who joined the Buzzcocks as their bassist, and the group found their drummer John Maher through an advertisement in Melody Maker. Within a few months, the band played its first concert, opening for the second Sex Pistols show at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in July of 1976. By the end of the year, the Buzzcocks had played a handful of gigs and helped establish Manchester as the second biggest punk rock city in England, ranking just behind London.
Beating Hearts focuses on a 1978 show at the Apollo Theater in Manchester, England. With Pete Shelley singing lead, the Buzzcocks are as inspired and captivating in Manchester as they are in London.

1. Real World
2. I Don't Mind
3. Nostalgia
4. Sixteen
5. Fiction Romance
6. Autonomy
7. Moving Away From The Pulsebeat
8. Noise Annoys
9. Walking Distance
10. Operators Manual
11. Nothing Left
12. Sixteen Again
13. Promises
14. Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldnt've)
15. Love You More
16. What Do I Get?
17. Esp
18. Boredom
19. Oh Shit



BUZZCOCKS: (2005) Small Songs With Big Hearts

Since most of their songs were short, snappy numbers, the Buzzcocks' early material was custom-made for the stage, and the 2005 release Small Songs with Big Hearts certainly reinforces this point. Recorded in 1979 at the Rainbow Theatre in London, this high-energy 17-track set was previously available as disc one of the 2001 double-disc release Beating Hearts/Small Songs with Big Hearts. As longtime fans know, this was the period when the Buzzcocks were at the top of their game -- having just released three back-to-back classic full-lengths (1978's Another Music in a Different Kitchen and Love Bites, plus 1979's A Different Kind of Tension), as well as a string of extraordinary singles. As a result, the performances on Small Songs are comparable to one long adrenaline rush, as such early favorites as "Ever Fallen in Love," "Harmony in My Head," and "What Do I Get?" are featured in all their sweaty glory. But from a "more bang for your buck" perspective, you'd probably be better off tracking down a copy of the aforementioned Beating Hearts/Small Songs with Big Hearts double disc, since it contains another fine show from this era (a 1978 performance at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester, England).
--- by Greg Prato, allmusic

1. i don't mind
2. autonomy
3. ever fallen in love
4. mad mad judy
5. sixteen
6. moving away from the pulsebeat
7. nothing left
8. noise annoys
9. you say you don't love me
10. harmony in my head
11. i don't know what to do with my life
12. money
13. i believe
14. breakdown
15. love you more
16. what do i get?
17. boredom


THE LURKERS - Beggar's Banquet Singles Collection

Formed in London in 1977, the first-generation punk outfit the Lurkers originally comprised vocalist Howard Wall, guitarist Pete Stride, bassist Arturo Bassick (born Arthur Billingsley) and drummer Manic Esso (a.k.a. Pete Haynes). Trumpteted as Britain's answer to the Ramones, the group debuted with the single "Shadow," released on the fledgling Beggars Banquet label; Bassick soon exited, and with ex-Saints bassist Kim Bradshaw, the Lurkers reached the U.K. Top Ten with the follow-ups "Ain't Got a Clue' and "I Don't Need to Tell Her." Their debut LP Fulham Fallout appeared in 1978, with God's Lonely Men arriving the next year. By the early 1980s, the Lurkers had dissolved, reuniting intermittently during the course of the decade to yield LPs including 1989's Edge of the Mountain and the live Wild Times Again.
--- by Jason Ankeny, Allmusic

1. shadow
2. love story
3. freak show
4. mass media believer
5. be my prisoner ['street' LP version]
6. ain't got a clue
7. ooh! ooh! i love you
8. hulham fallout firty free
9. i don't need to tell her
10. pills
11. just thirteen
12. countdown
13. out in the dark
14. cyanide
15. suzie is a floozie
16. cyanide [pub version]
17. new guitar in town
18. little ol' wine drinker me


SKAFIELD - Smiling at The Tragedy

Great german ska band....

1. a sparetime job
2. hit the road
3. evil bar
4. empty bottle
5. leaving in nyc
6. interdependence day
7. shitty me
8. not in my name
9. smiling the tragedy
10. brownnoser
11. spstds
12. in the meantime
13. bonus** social outsider


TOY DOLLS - The History 1979-1996 (DCD)

This exhaustive two-disc career retrospective is all that any serious Toy Dolls fan will ever need. The band's debut album, Dig That Groove Baby (well-represented here with eight songs), should be enough for most anyone. But for masochists who just can't get enough of singer/guitarist Olga's goofy characters, this collection will cover all the bases. Hilarious punk romps such as "When You're Jimmy Saville," "Ernie Had a Hernia," "Poltergeist in the Pantry," and "Olga Crack Corn" (to name just a few) are the dominant variety, and the inclusion of the rare single "James Bond Lives Down Our Street" is a huge plus. Blazing renditions of classical pieces ("Tocatta in D Minor," "Saber Dance") are equally amusing, while "Back in 79" is as close as the band ever comes to a "serious" single. Overall, a well-packaged compilation, but definitely a lot to swallow.
--- by Ed Rivadavia, allmusic


[password = olga]

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Tributo Garotos Podres: 20 Anos de Podridão

A lot of brazilian bands doing songs from the legendary Punk Street Band Garotos Podres...

.. surfista de pinico [Acromaniacos]
.. verme [Zumbis do Espaço]
.. Papai Noel Velho Batuta [Ratos de Porão]
.. liverdade (onde esta) [Muerte Lenta]
.. fernandinho veadinho [Muzzarelas]
.. oi! tudo bem [Ulster]
.. verme (live) [inocentes]
.. rock de suburbio [88Não]
.. proletarios [DFC]
.. batman [Underboyz]
.. saddam hussein is rock 'n' roll [Ultraje A Rigor]
.. vou fazer coco [Devotos]
.. meu bem [Kães Vadius]
.. aos fuzilados na c.s.n. [Axl Rude & Rude Cover]
.. anistia [Macakongs 2099]
.. suburbio operario [Pátria Amada]
.. miseráveis ovelhas [Laranja Mecânica]
.. eu não gosto do governo [Lambrusco Kids]
.. anarquia oi! [Grinders]
.. eu não sei o que quero [Pappa Nikolau]
.. libertada [one esta] [Os Cabeloduro]
.. papai noel velho batuta [Tihuana]
.. garoto podre [Ação Direta]


V.A.: Oi! Skampilation - Vol. #1

Amazing compilation with a lot of great ska and oi! punk bands...

1. them from the palace hotel [n.y. citizens]
2. boxer shorts [n.y. citizens]
3. mephiskapheles [mephiskapheles]
4. rank 'n' file [mephiskapheles]
5. friday, 5 pm [the press]
6. our colors [oxblood]
7. let's riot [blank 77]
8. oi! rogers [the wretched ones]
9. joe lies [the bouncing souls]
10. inside [faction zero]
11. whip [the scofflaws]
12. sonic boom [skavoovie & the epitones]
13. allston mass [the allstonians]
14. ray gun sally [the slackers]
15. cookin' [inspecter 7]
16. honor your father and your mother [the checkered cabs]
17. running man [spring-heeled jack]
18. get a grip [agent 99]
19. rudy don't fear [the insteps]


CITIZEN FISH: (1999) Active Ingredients

great cd. loads of amazing songs. not one bad song and great lyrics that might even make you laugh sometimes too! highly recommended. This cd sounds like a cross between PiL and SubHumAns.It's a really good cd,makes you feel happy and energetic while listening to it. I'm very glad to see reviews for this,more people should check this band out especially if they are new to punk or thinking about being a vegetarian and even not that just to hear this band.

.. active ingredients
.. the b.o.b. song
.. oslo
.. bitter and twisted
.. digging a hole
.. sacred cows
.. pills
.. habit
.. isolated incidents
.. barking
.. heard it all before
.. deep neurotic
.. not for sale


STIV BATORS: (1994) Disconnected

This CD 'Collector Edition' includes 8 live bonus tracks recorded in 1980 'Sonic reducer', 'It's Cold Outside', 'I Stand Accused', 'Tell Me', 'Little Girl', 'Won't Look', 'Back', 'Evil Boy' & 'I Need Lunch'. Includes lavish 12-page booklet with photos, lyrics and liner notes.

1. evil boy
2. bad luck charm
3. a million miles away
4. make up your mind
5. swin' a-go-go
6. too much to dream
7. ready anytime
8. the last year
9. i wanna forget you
10. sonic reducer
11. it's cold outside
12. i stand accused
13. tell me
14. little girl
15. i won't look back
16. evil boy
17. i need lunch
** Bomp Records edition


SUPERGIRLS: ... not My Country

Catchy melodic hardcore band...

1. all purpose blues
2. i'm black
3. beaten down
4. johnny
5. righteous flags
6. blinking lights
7. minus me
8. anthem
9. very wrong
10. buffalo king
11. racist lazyboy
12. untitled



Way less hardcore than Causey's previous releases, Testimony instead becomes synthcore, really loading on the pop. An excellent and well cut ~single, and very short therefore. Too short really, as it's over just as you're getting into it.

1. know you love me
2. compound lessons
3. testimony
4. time is now
5. the smartest employee
6. personal hygeine


THE DEFECTIVES: D is For Defectives (7-inches)

Earning a reputation of fighting with their audience as well as never finishing a set without a stage full of broken glass are the New York-based Defectives. Inspired by the likes of the New York Dolls, the Real Kids, the Heartbreakers as well as a number of other punk rock trash acts from the '70s, the band eventually hooked up with Cacophone Records in 1996. Their debut single Comin' Around -- with a B-side of Hank Williams' "Cold Cold Hearts" -- resulted that same year. ~ Mike DaRonco, All Music Guide

1. Comin' Around
2. Cranky
3. Cold Cold Heart


TEENMILK: Student Athlete (7-inches)

1. Student Athlete
2. Sawed Off