Saturday, June 14, 2008

THE VARUKERS: (2001) Riot City Years 1983-1984 (vbr)

For including no less than 2 full VARUKERS lps and two eps,which are hard to get ,in some cases vintage vinyl only, in a single cd.25 tracks of undiluted VARUKERS mayhem at a sweet price.This cd makes the expression "best bang for the buck" fall way short.In these era of exploitative reissues,this kind of generosity seems almost like charity !!
The cd opens with the DIE FOR YOUR GOVERNMENT 7''single,continues with the BLOODSUCKERS lp,both of which are pre-metally sounding,then we got the LED TO THE SLAUGHTER ep and ANOTHER RELIGION ANOTHER WAR mlp,both of wich start to strongly show the beautiful metallic hardcore sound these guys would embrace from there on.Sound is very good especially if we compare it with that of their latest release (no bass-no upper treble).Gorgeous vocals as usual,courtesy of Rat Martin and amazing,full on 2 guitar assault by the great Biff.GO FOR IT !!!!!! --- By JUAN MARTIN GABASTOU

die for your government / all systems fail / protest and survive / nowhere to go / no masters, no slaves / don't conform / android / march of the sas / nodda (contraceptive) machine / government to blame / tell us what we wanna hear / don't wanna be a victim / what the hell do you know / school's out (maybe) / led to the slaughter / the end is night / you're dead / another religion, another war / no escape / condemned to death / the last war / who pays / neglected / deadley games / seek shelter in hell.


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