Saturday, June 14, 2008

THE ROTTERS: Wrench to The Nuts (vbr)

Phester Swollen and his Rotters are in rare form on this punk blast from a few years back. You might remember "Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks," a song that Fleetwood Mac actually got banned from some radio stations back "in the day." Well, the Rotters of the new millennium deliver the same kind of irreverent and just plain nuts sensibility on every track on this CD. The songs are faster and nastier, but the tongue in cheek humor and clever tunesmithery (yes, that's a word; your dictionary is just too small, my friend!) are as strong as ever. It's old school punk kicked up a notch.


(( hangoverhard ))

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stogref said...

Discovered the Rotters recently when buying their "pull it and yell" cd and love it, so i'm very glad to get this one thanks to you... will share mine soon. Cheers!