Saturday, June 14, 2008

PARASITES: Rat Ass Pie (vbr)

A three-piece punk band from Berkeley, California, The Parasites keep the melodies plentiful and the music fun. Always staying true to themselves, as well as the music, they have as much fun as possible, which clearly rubs off on the listener within the first listen of the disc. Formed at the end of the 80's, they're still going, releasing and touring to promote their music. On their latest album, RAT ASS PIE, they keep the music powerful throughout all fourteen tracks.
A good punk band never wastes time, quickly diving into the punk melodies that will surround the listener for the remainder of the disc. Ah, the Parasites are no exception there. "Sunnyside" kicks off the album with a blast. A chunky guitar dances through the song, with the bass and drums soon jumping in to chase down the guitar. Mixing in some melody along the way, the foundation is set for a solid punk album, with enough melody to be considered pop-punk, although they play fast and loud enough to keep everything on the straight-up punk side. "Hang Up" has to be one of the most infectious numbers on this disc. Loaded with hooks, right after they finish one they slip another one your way. The chorus is the centerpiece for the song, with so much punch to it you won't be able to ignore it. Another punk tale of love gone bad, guy wants girl, and so on, they do it in style. I found myself singing along, humming with the disc, and involving myself with the song. So well written, you start to think of the main character as yourself, and you can't help getting wrapped up in the song. --- By: Alex Steininger

1 Sunnyside
2 Hang Up
3 Notes To You
4 Don't Do That
5 What Should I Do
6 Run Away
7 You're Gonna Miss Me
8 The Same Thing
9 Hard To Find
10 Telling Lies
11 It's Getting Hard
12 Columbia
13 I Fall Down
14 Carve Your Initials


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