Saturday, June 14, 2008

PARASITES: (2000) Compost (vbr)

PARASITES fans rejoice! Your frustrating search to locate those pesky out-of-print singles and numerous compilation tracks has ended with this special collector's release. Eighteen incredible cuts including five previously unreleased pleasers, five newly remixed gems, covers of songs by the Descendents, Avengers, Dictators, and Leonard Cohen, and their classic "Mel's Theme." Features zany cover art by Boris the Sprinkler's own Reverend Norb.

1 Top Secret
2 She's From Salinas
3 Loyola
4 Brunt Toast
5 No Martyr
6 Tears On My Pillow
7 I Almost Loved You
8 What A Day
9 Dennis's Excellent Haircut
10 Something To Hold Onto
11 Stay Awhile
12 Suzanne
13 Pep Talk
14 I Don't Wanna Go Out With You
15 (Do You Wanna) Drill Threes?
16 Teenage Radiation
17 Daydreaming
18 Mel's Theme


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