Monday, June 30, 2008

D.O.A.: Punk Rock Singles 1978-1999 @ VBR

Besides re-releasing a completely different kind of 'best of' record -- 1984's Bloodied but Unbowed -- this year D.O.A.'s Sudden Death Records also unleashes what can often be the best kind of compilation: a singles anthology, with a name that says it all.
At the time of the punk explosion, the Bee Gees were the biggest selling act since the Beatles. Of course, because of its ethics and original motives conflicted this style of music and the "lifestyle" that accompanied it, disco had become one of punk's primary target. The following year, Vancouver's D.O.A. put out "Disco Sucks" as their first single, and could arguably be the most memorable attack against the genre. On top of that, the rest of the 7" dared to defy forms of authority outside the music industry, with anthems such as "Nazi Training Camp", "Royal Police", and "I Woke Up Screaming".
While the punk explosion had led to the formation and success of countless groups, many had abandoned the ethics that motivated the genre in the first place. From the start, D.O.A. were undeniably a real punk band; they had minimal training and a minimal line-up, and what they said and sounded like expressed their skepticism and discontent for what was going on around them. It is also worth stressing that the band was D.I.Y., having created their own label to release their music.

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