Sunday, June 15, 2008

THE DICKIES: Road Kill (320cbr)

Resurfacing to an extent in 1993 with new and slightly older material, the Dickies were more or less killing a bit of time with Roadkill, though with its usual humor. The title track, regarding an alcohol-swilling animal killing machine, is notable for having Phillips sounding a bit more lower-pitched than usual, but it's still him, while Lee rocks out with the usual fire and the band rips along. It's not quite a new Dickies classic, but it's fun enough. The giddy "Just Say Yes," originally surfacing on a European single in previous years, finally appears domestically here, its views on the drug problem not the most orthodox, as one might guess (though rumors of the band's own struggles with such things cast a slightly unfortunate light on the situation). "Dead Heat" rocks and riffs along pleasantly enough to conclude it -- there's some nice Lee guitar work here and there, but otherwise this is more of a throwaway.--- by Ned Raggett, All Music Guide.

1. Road Kill
2. Just Say Yes
3. Dead Heat


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