Sunday, June 15, 2008

DAS KLOWN: Rapid Fire (vbr)

Das Klown is a street/hardcore/punk band formed in 1989. Das Klown is known for their "In Your Face" punk style. Singer AJ Ransdell is often seen performing in clown make-up and a red nose. Das Klown, one of the most original bands to come out of Los Angeles in the last decade. Raw and to the point, Das Klown's music is melodic, hard-core Southern California punk. True to their own strong vision, they are one of a kind. "We aren't like that copycat bullshit", says front man A.J. "We refuse to change our sound to conform to what's expected by average-minded idiots". Tough-spirited and independent, Das Klown doesn't sound like any other band. "We're old school. We tell it like it is. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....

intro / frenchies / big words / frankenstomp / scarred for life / five invisible men / made in the shade / ali bye bye / question mark / reign / wanna win.


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Jay Ex said...

I understand that it's been 4 years lol, but please maybe it's possible to re-upload this album? Thanks.