Sunday, June 08, 2008

CHEMICAL PEOPLE: (1991) Angels 'N' Devils (@) vbr

Angels 'N' Devils is a combination of the 'Ask The Angels' US 7" and the 'Cum, Blister, Bleed' 7", both released in 1990 on the band's own 2" Pecker Record label in limited quantities. It features the Patti Smith song 'Ask The Angels', as well as ALL/Chemical People roadies Dan "Bug" Snow and Tim "Skippy Smooth" McGlothlin doing vocals and guitar on a few of the tracks. The record was pressed on green and red vinyl without dead wax inscriptions which is very unusual for a Chemical People record.

1. Ask the Angels
2. Been Here
3. Faust
4. The Rap
5. Blo Me Fatti
6. 1490


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