Sunday, June 08, 2008

CHEMICAL PEOPLE: (1990) The Right Thing (@) vbr

Bill and Stephen of ALL/Descendents not only produce the record but they also do some backup vocals along with Dave Smalley also of ALL (Now with Down By Law), and Red Kross guitarist, Robert Hecker. The Chem's cover G.G. Allin's 'Cheri Love Affair', and Mr. Chi Pig from SNFU wrote the lyrics for 'A Pornography'. The LP/CD versions have a bonus track. Record comes on Black vinyl, but there was a limited pressing on blue vinyl as well. LP also comes with a nice lyric sheet with the picture from the CD in its normal size. Dead wax inscriptions read "How's my Driving?" and "Rock Stars De Palomar". The backing vocals on Cheri Love Affair were done by Robert Hecker (Redd Kross) & Donita Sparks (L7), the backing vocals on Some Other Time were done by Mike Palm (Agent Orange) & Dave Smalley.

1. Captain
2. The Right Thing
3. A Pornography
4. Duck Song
5. A Different Scene
6. Some Other Time
7. Unanswered Question
8. Aqua II
9. Overdosed
10. Nutro
11. Cheri Love Affair
12. The Jam
13. ?


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