Sunday, June 08, 2008

CHEMICAL PEOPLE: (1989) Ten Fold Hate (@) vbr

Bill Stevenson has writing credits on the song 'New Food', as well as backing vocals. Craig Griffith of the Blue Flames is back to help Dave Naz with the writing of 'Moodchanger'. And the Chemical People manage to also throw in a cover of the Go-Go's hit, 'Vacation'. LP is on black vinyl. Dead wax reads "Meatmen Rock and you still suck!" and "Victoria Jackson + Dave Naz".

1. New Food
2. Aquaman
3. Old Habits
4. Strange Taste
5. She's Got a Bad Case
6. Ed Intro
7. Cherry
8. Intro
9. All the Best Things
10. Nudist Camp
11. Metallica
12. Cop A Feel
13. Moodchanger
14. Vacation
15. Outrage
16. Black Throat **Bonus Track


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