Sunday, June 08, 2008

CHEMICAL PEOPLE: (1988) So Sexist! (@) vbr

Some interesting notes about So Sexist! is that it features Tesco Vee, the lead singer of The Meatmen on multiple tracks, and the song 'Submarine Dream' by Craig Griffith of the Blue Flames. It was recorded in three different sessions at three different studios, and has a cover of 'Shock Me' by KISS. This is the only album which has the Chem's original front man (vocalist / guitarist), Blair Jobe, who unfortunately left after they had recorded the songs he had written, transforming the band into a three piece, and leaving Dave Naz to take over the main load of songwriting, singing, drumming, and even some of the guitar work on the album. And finally, Track 11 'Action Slacks', if you listen closely you can hear the real words in the background, the original song that is being played is 'The Ripper' by Icedeath. And Jeanna Fine really is a porn actress, she unfortunately doesn't have that great blonde hair any longer. LP is black vinyl, and it tells you who wrote each song, unlike the CD. Dead wax reads "My mom rules" and "Freeze Gopher!"

1. Don't Tell Me
2. Human Fear
3. Submarine Dream
4. Good, The Bad & The Ugly
5. Times Will Change
6. Henry Whitpenn
7. Find Out
8. Donut Run
9. Shock Me
10. Diet Koke
11. Funky Time
12. Those Young Girls


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Jay said...

Just stumbled upon your blog thanks to the magic of Google. Thanks for these Chemical People rips, it saves me the trouble of ripping them from vinyl. It's surprising how well a lot of this stuff holds up.

Chris said...

Awesome. I've been after this one for a while. Thanks Nagi.