Saturday, June 14, 2008

BORIS the SPRINKLER: (1999) Suck (192CBR)

The best from these Wisconsin cheeseheads! Rev. Norb and the gang are in true form as they prove once and for all that they are the suckiest bunch of suckers who ever sucked! Features Statutory Rock, the greatest song title in the history of recorded music

do the sprinkler / statutory rock / my radio is telling me to kill them all / dirty candy / icky shazam / purple vulcan hot rod / rushin russian robot / jonestown judy / ufo / my baby put me in the penalty box / your stupid pants / baby i got gas / i'm green / sugar machine / got to fuck today / the end / could you guys record that cd one / undo the sprinkler.


(( hangoverhard ))


chinchillajew said...

Thanks for this one! If you get a chance post "End of The Century" and "Group Sex" by BTS.


Uncle said...

Whats the password?