Sunday, April 27, 2008

SPECIAL FORCES: Posthumously Yours (EP)

The Berkeley/East Bay scene is still going strong and growing. Fang keeps playing and getting better. Teenage Warning isn't from Berkeley, they're from Hayward, but they play here a lot and they're rad (no places to play in Hayward anyways). Rebels and Infidels are from Oakland. New bands: Deviants (check 'em out, they're good), Boneless Ones, and Kwik Way (from Oakland). Peace-punk bands are Atrocity, Treason and Trial. Deadly Reign and 13 have broken up and are missed.
Lotsa punx coming over from the city to berkeley gigs since San Francisco's On Broadway closed down. Some fun outdoor gigs recently in Berkeley and San Francisco. Also punx putting on punk shows which is nice for bands and audience. Lotsa great out of town bands playing Berkeley too. OK, here's some good San Francisco bands you should know about if you don't already: Condemned to Death, Dicks, Breakouts, Sluglords, Unity Instigation and Barely Human.
A word or two about us: this is our second release. Our tape "8 Songs to Kill By" was our first. Steve has replaced Erik on drums and we're tighter. We've been together since Ausust '83. Some people love us and some hate us. We hate and love some of them, too. It's all a matter of personal taste I guess.
We were gonna write out our personal philosophies but when we did they looked kind of dumb, at least for this info sheet. If anyone wants to know, you could write us. You tell us yours and we'll tell you ours. Or... if you wanna trade scene reports, or you liked or hated this record, or you wanna send us sticker designs, or you want to get a copy of our old tape or some stickers, or you want us to play in or keep away from your town, then write us. We'll answer you. Sometimes we're slow about it but we will write back. OK, bye.

1. you want it, you got it
2. on P.C.P.
3. Two Can play that game
4. housewrecking party
5. baby b-2

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stogref said...

Love Fang and dig Kwik Way alot, so i guess i'll enjoy this. Thanx mate!