Thursday, April 24, 2008

NAKED RAYGUN: Free Shit!! Live in Chicago Two Final Shows

Possibly the greatest band to emerge from the Chicago area in the ‘80s, this is the band that would eventually spawn Pegboy and forever secure a place in the punk rock hall of fame. Naked Raygun redefined all the rules of punk in the ‘80s, being melodic when thrash was in, noisy art-damage when pop was in, and calling it quits when they were on the verge of going mainstream. But who cares? They were punk and there were no rules then. Now time warp to 1997. 2,000 screaming punk fans, two final sold-out shows and 22 songs recorded live. All the classics are here and they sound just as vital and important today. This is a great collector’s CD – and for you new guys out there, this may be your only chance to check out America’s premier punk band in its natural environment – live!

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stogref said...

Gotta get me this one as well! Thanks a bunch, needless to say eh Nagiants?