Saturday, April 26, 2008

LOS FASTIDIOS: Contiamo Su Di Voi

Formed in Verona (Italy) in late 1991, Los Fastidios, led by Enrico (well-known figure of the national scene and founder of the italian label KOB Records). They released a demo tape in 1992, and asserted themselves into the European scene with the release of their first single ''Birra Oi! e Divertimento'', EP sold out ina few months only, and with which the band got a great deal of good comments in Italy as well as abroad.

1. Contiamo Su Di Voi
2. S.H.A.R.P.
3. Cani Sciolti
4. Vecchio Skinhead
5. Scooter Bastards
6. Con Voi
7. Sogno Giamaica
8. Spazi Di Liberta
9. Rude Rude Boy
10. Tempi Nuov

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