Thursday, April 24, 2008


Back in 1979 when the original Mod revival took the UK by storm there were a handful of Mod bands that stood out proud above the others The Chords, Secret Affair, The Purple Hearts and Squire to name just a few Hot on their heels were the Killermeters, not quite so well known but well accepted by the music press of the day Full pages were written in Sounds and the NME and a minor hit was nicely tucked under their belts courtesy of RCA Becoming the pride of the North the Killermeters stuck around for a number of years until they split in the early 80s Like so many others the Killermeters started life as a punk band the Killer Meters as they were then, split in 1978, reforming in the October as the mod band The Killermeters, kicking back into life with a new song that said it all; Back In Business During their time they were warned by John Peel that the Mod image would lead them down a blind alley but they were also raved about in Sounds by Gary Bushell, supported Secret Affair and the Undertones and finally went on tour with Eddie and the Hot Rods Unfortunately the tour was to leave them badly in the red and as a result the Killermeters finally came to an end, coming back to life as Soldiers are Dreamers in 1981, taking their name from the Sassoon poem This album takes the listener through the legend that was the Killermeters With tracks taken from various sources this is the definitive Killermeters recordings including demo versions of their better known tracks Twisted Wheel and SX225 Finishing with six of the best tracks from the Psychedelic period of the Soldiers Are Dreamers this album could be described as the This is your life CD

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