Saturday, April 05, 2008


My favorite french band....

1. le cerf le druide et le loup
2. coup d'etat d la jeunesse
3. dans un reve flamboyant
4. love in laos
5. empire state bulldog
6. lenfant bleu
7. la pluie
8. on en a marre
9. la fille du delta
10. liberte
11. sur la piste inconnue
12. quelque part

pw = hangoverheartattack


garychching said...

Hi, I don;t know if you have seen whats been going on over my blog. But this A-hole is ripping your site off as well

Check out the link:

They are stealing of 100's of blogs.

I have started moving all my links into comments and also leaving a statement which declares the source of the material

Its pissing me off big time

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

So good to see you're back! I really thought you were gone!

Thank You for all your posts. It really brings me back to my time in the US (1984-85) when I had the chance to listen and dance to some of this sounds.

Gary, regarding the stealer I understand that it's pissing you off. But at least it served to let me know you are there. Excellent blog you have!

By the way, any of you guys have any Red Rockers? I remember "Dead Heroes" and other songs that I've never been able to find afterwards.

Are you interested in some classic Spanish punk? I have a premium rapishare account and I guess I could upload but don't know how to do it.

David (from Madrid)

zxunami said...


Aesop said...

Thought you might want the address of the host of downmining, the blog that has stolen from you and me, my last 35 posts, even the ones railing his site.

I wrote them and provided examples, they wrote back very fast and seemed interested in sorting it out. The site is still up but maybe if enough people complain...
I sent this to every blog I could find that has had content stolen. Pass it along.