Saturday, April 05, 2008

ADZ: American Steel

ADZ: George Paras (vocals, guitar); Bruce Duff (vocals, guitars, slide guitar, organ, bass instrument); Tony Reflex (vocals); Mike Candalot (drums, congas, bongos, shaker, percussion). Additional personnel: Bill Paras (guitar).

1. kiss my fist
2. ADZ r go
3. down by the hong kong
4. heat
5. mama married a mau mau
6. good head
7. kiss my fuzzface
8. godzilla stompin' rock'n'roll
9. vertigo
10. dr. rat and dan the bowl
11. just like dylan & the hawks blues
12. love you like a crazy
13. black cat
14. american steel

pw = hangoverheartattack

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capitain poon said...

Great work the one that to do, thank you for so much(many) and good music. Cheers from Spain