Saturday, April 26, 2008

8º6 CREW: Bad Bad Reggae & Menil' Express

Formed by 4 mates at the end of 95', 8°6 CREW first played OI! and SKA. Quickly joined by others musicians (keyboards & horns section) to make the ska compositions richer, they played some few gigs in 97' and released a 4 tracks demo tape (including 2 ska & 2 oi! songs) at the end of the year. Three of these tracks were on "HATE" compilation out in january 98 & 8°6 CREW started to play much more and appeared on several oi! and ska CD/tape compils. They decided to stop playing oi! music that year because they were now 10 musicians in the band & oi! was played by only 4 of them! Released in october 98 in Germany, their first album: BAD BAD REGGAE was out in february 99 on Mad butcher rcds. The album was sold out 6 months later & repressed; the band played much gigs & kept on doing compilations. The year 2000 was much more peaceful, 8°6 worked on some new songs & put out a 6 tracks CD"MENIL EXPRESS" in march 2001 + another repress of "BAD BAD REGGAE" on BIG 8 rcds...just to wait for a potential second album of the CREW !

1. you come
2. nice town
3. rude boy escape
4. prohibition
5. repression
6. the pig
7. vieille france
8. bad bad reggae
9. un duote qui plane
10. laisse moi rever
11. harmoniska
12. emeute
13. working class heroes
14. un role a jouer

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1. marseille
2. only one night
3. menil' express
4. numero 1
5. number one dub
6. massalia dub

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