Sunday, April 27, 2008

ENGLISH DOGS: Invasion of the Porky Men & English Dogs (EP) @256K

1. your country
2. blind man
3. mercenary
4. never die
5. astrophs waiting
6. newflash
7. ghost of the past
8. carol
9. spoils of war
10. cranked up really high (Slaughter & The Dogs)
11. invasion of the porky men
12. caveman brain
13. Max (The Millionaire) **
14. Psycho Killer **
15. Free To Kill **
16. Driven to Death **
17. Left Me For Dead **
18. R.I.P. **
19. The Fall of Max
20. World War
** Tracks from English Dogs (EP)

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Has it really been over a decade since this album was first released? Oh man, do I feel old. I was just finishing up my second college degree, and although you might think that would be a good time to grow up, get jaded and quit listening to hardcore, I didn't. I was lucky. How could anyone get jaded when bands like CAP CAS were just taking off? This band and this album made a huge impact on my life. It helped me realize there was a major resurgence of high octane hardcore happening. Power Violence, as it was about to be known, was the bait and I took it hook line and sinker. For me, and for many, "Disassembly Line" was, is, and will continue to be, a yardstick album� in other words it is a record that others will forever be compared to. You think your band has a great thrash record? Well how does it compare to "Disassembly Line"? Even after 10+ years this album manages to sound as pissed, as raging, and as furious as when it came out. The hardcore ante has been upped considerably since 1992 and yet this was so ahead of its time that even by today's standards it'll rip you a new one. If you don't own the original, get this. If you do own the original (I own it on CD, record and cassette) you still should get this. It's not unlike the early DRI albums. No matter how many versions are released, you should own them all. --- By: Jeb Branin


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SPECIAL FORCES: Posthumously Yours (EP)

The Berkeley/East Bay scene is still going strong and growing. Fang keeps playing and getting better. Teenage Warning isn't from Berkeley, they're from Hayward, but they play here a lot and they're rad (no places to play in Hayward anyways). Rebels and Infidels are from Oakland. New bands: Deviants (check 'em out, they're good), Boneless Ones, and Kwik Way (from Oakland). Peace-punk bands are Atrocity, Treason and Trial. Deadly Reign and 13 have broken up and are missed.
Lotsa punx coming over from the city to berkeley gigs since San Francisco's On Broadway closed down. Some fun outdoor gigs recently in Berkeley and San Francisco. Also punx putting on punk shows which is nice for bands and audience. Lotsa great out of town bands playing Berkeley too. OK, here's some good San Francisco bands you should know about if you don't already: Condemned to Death, Dicks, Breakouts, Sluglords, Unity Instigation and Barely Human.
A word or two about us: this is our second release. Our tape "8 Songs to Kill By" was our first. Steve has replaced Erik on drums and we're tighter. We've been together since Ausust '83. Some people love us and some hate us. We hate and love some of them, too. It's all a matter of personal taste I guess.
We were gonna write out our personal philosophies but when we did they looked kind of dumb, at least for this info sheet. If anyone wants to know, you could write us. You tell us yours and we'll tell you ours. Or... if you wanna trade scene reports, or you liked or hated this record, or you wanna send us sticker designs, or you want to get a copy of our old tape or some stickers, or you want us to play in or keep away from your town, then write us. We'll answer you. Sometimes we're slow about it but we will write back. OK, bye.

1. you want it, you got it
2. on P.C.P.
3. Two Can play that game
4. housewrecking party
5. baby b-2

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

LOS FASTIDIOS: Contiamo Su Di Voi

Formed in Verona (Italy) in late 1991, Los Fastidios, led by Enrico (well-known figure of the national scene and founder of the italian label KOB Records). They released a demo tape in 1992, and asserted themselves into the European scene with the release of their first single ''Birra Oi! e Divertimento'', EP sold out ina few months only, and with which the band got a great deal of good comments in Italy as well as abroad.

1. Contiamo Su Di Voi
2. S.H.A.R.P.
3. Cani Sciolti
4. Vecchio Skinhead
5. Scooter Bastards
6. Con Voi
7. Sogno Giamaica
8. Spazi Di Liberta
9. Rude Rude Boy
10. Tempi Nuov

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LOS FASTIDIOS: 1991-2001 Ten Years Tattooed On My Heart

1. Birra Oi! E Divertimento
2. Ragazzi Della Strada
3. Stop Alla Vivisezione
4. Non Sei Cambiato
5. La Nostra Città
6. Oi! Giò
7. No Politica
8. Radio Boots
9. No Leaders
10. Un Giorno Capirai
11. Fetter Skinhead
12. You'll Never Walk Alone
13. La Vera Forza
14. Spazi Di Libertà

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8º6 CREW: Bad Bad Reggae & Menil' Express

Formed by 4 mates at the end of 95', 8°6 CREW first played OI! and SKA. Quickly joined by others musicians (keyboards & horns section) to make the ska compositions richer, they played some few gigs in 97' and released a 4 tracks demo tape (including 2 ska & 2 oi! songs) at the end of the year. Three of these tracks were on "HATE" compilation out in january 98 & 8°6 CREW started to play much more and appeared on several oi! and ska CD/tape compils. They decided to stop playing oi! music that year because they were now 10 musicians in the band & oi! was played by only 4 of them! Released in october 98 in Germany, their first album: BAD BAD REGGAE was out in february 99 on Mad butcher rcds. The album was sold out 6 months later & repressed; the band played much gigs & kept on doing compilations. The year 2000 was much more peaceful, 8°6 worked on some new songs & put out a 6 tracks CD"MENIL EXPRESS" in march 2001 + another repress of "BAD BAD REGGAE" on BIG 8 rcds...just to wait for a potential second album of the CREW !

1. you come
2. nice town
3. rude boy escape
4. prohibition
5. repression
6. the pig
7. vieille france
8. bad bad reggae
9. un duote qui plane
10. laisse moi rever
11. harmoniska
12. emeute
13. working class heroes
14. un role a jouer

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1. marseille
2. only one night
3. menil' express
4. numero 1
5. number one dub
6. massalia dub

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01 . DEE DEE RAMONE - I've got a right
02 . DEE DEE RAMONE - Horror hospital

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NEGU GORRIAK - 1991 - Gora Herria

1. euskal herria nerea
2. gora herria (remix)
3. B.S.O. (dub)
4. beste kolpe bat
5. seinalea
6. B.S.O.
7. zu atrapatu arte
8. apatxe gaua

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DISCHARGE: Why + Bonus

1. visions of war
2. does this system work
3. a look at tomorrow
4. why
5. maimed and slaughtered
6. mania for conquest
7. ain't no feeble bastard
8. is this to be
9. massacre of innocents (air attack)
10. why (reprise)
11. realities of war
12. they declare it
13. but after the gig
14. society's victim
15. fight back
16. war's no fairytale
17. always restrictions
18. you take part in creating this system
19. religion instigates
20. decontrol
21. it's no TV sketch
22. tomorrow belong to us

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Cd -- 1
1. suspect device
2. wasted life
3. alternative ulster
4. 78 rpm
5. gotta getaway
6. bloody sunday
7. straw dogs
8. you can't say crap on the radio
9. at the edge
10. running bear
11. white christmas
12. nobody's heroes
13. tin soldiers
14. back to front
15. mr. fire coal-man

Cd -- 2
1. just faded away
2. go for it
3. doesn't make it all right (live)
4. silver lining
5. safe as house
6. sad-eyed people
7. two guitars clash
8. listen
9. that's when your blood bumps
10. good for nothing
11. talkback
12. stands to reason
13. bits of kids
14. touch and go
15. the price of admission

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LESS THAN JAKE: Goodbye Blue And White

1. modern world
2. losing streak
3. mixology of tom collins
4. i think i love you
5. son of dick
6. teenager in love
7. freeze frame
8. your love
9. hamburger hop
10. scott farcas takes it on chin
11. descant
12. the reflex
13. evil has no boundaires
14. antichrist
15. cheese
16. mississippi mud
17. grandma got run over by a reindeer
18. rock and roll pizzeria
19. we're not gonna take it
20. how's my driving doug hastings ? live
21. johnny quest thinks we're sellouts. live
22. sugar in your gas tank. live
23. laverne and shirley. live
24. krog song

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THE DEFECTS: Defective Breakdown

1. dance
2. 20th century
3. survival
4. deprived
5. killer on the street
6. bitch
7. defective breakdown
8. conscription
9. casualty
10. we don't care
11. live in pain
12. head on collision
13. metal walls
14. thoughts
15. dance (single version)
16. guilty conscience
17. brutality (original)
18. survival (single version)
19. brutality (2nd version)
20. suspicious minds
21. song for mark walker
22. know about you

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THE DAMNED: Music For Pleasure

1. problem child
2. don't cry wolf
3. one way love
4. politics
5. stretcher case
6. idiot box
7. you take my money
8. alone
9. your eyes
10. creep (you can't fool me)
11. you know
12. help
13. sick of being sick
14. singalong a scabies

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1. summer nights
2. you're the one i want
3. look at me i'm sandra dee
4. greased lightning
5. hopelessly devoted to you
6. blue moon
7. beauty school dropout
8. we got together

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

SUBTERRANEAN KIDS: Hasta El Final + Los Ojos de La Victima + Subterranean Hardcore

Great Spanish hardcore from Barcelona....

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NAKED RAYGUN: Free Shit!! Live in Chicago Two Final Shows

Possibly the greatest band to emerge from the Chicago area in the ‘80s, this is the band that would eventually spawn Pegboy and forever secure a place in the punk rock hall of fame. Naked Raygun redefined all the rules of punk in the ‘80s, being melodic when thrash was in, noisy art-damage when pop was in, and calling it quits when they were on the verge of going mainstream. But who cares? They were punk and there were no rules then. Now time warp to 1997. 2,000 screaming punk fans, two final sold-out shows and 22 songs recorded live. All the classics are here and they sound just as vital and important today. This is a great collector’s CD – and for you new guys out there, this may be your only chance to check out America’s premier punk band in its natural environment – live!

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Back in 1979 when the original Mod revival took the UK by storm there were a handful of Mod bands that stood out proud above the others The Chords, Secret Affair, The Purple Hearts and Squire to name just a few Hot on their heels were the Killermeters, not quite so well known but well accepted by the music press of the day Full pages were written in Sounds and the NME and a minor hit was nicely tucked under their belts courtesy of RCA Becoming the pride of the North the Killermeters stuck around for a number of years until they split in the early 80s Like so many others the Killermeters started life as a punk band the Killer Meters as they were then, split in 1978, reforming in the October as the mod band The Killermeters, kicking back into life with a new song that said it all; Back In Business During their time they were warned by John Peel that the Mod image would lead them down a blind alley but they were also raved about in Sounds by Gary Bushell, supported Secret Affair and the Undertones and finally went on tour with Eddie and the Hot Rods Unfortunately the tour was to leave them badly in the red and as a result the Killermeters finally came to an end, coming back to life as Soldiers are Dreamers in 1981, taking their name from the Sassoon poem This album takes the listener through the legend that was the Killermeters With tracks taken from various sources this is the definitive Killermeters recordings including demo versions of their better known tracks Twisted Wheel and SX225 Finishing with six of the best tracks from the Psychedelic period of the Soldiers Are Dreamers this album could be described as the This is your life CD

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Despite being pioneers of Montreal’s ’80s hardcore scene, Genetic Control never released an entire album. Brave New World includes the band’s 1984 EP First Impressions and “Suburban Life,” which was also recorded in 1984 for a compilation. After forming in 1983, Genetic Control fast became known for their love of breakneck speeds and oozing talent. Drummer Louis “Lewis” Levesque was known as the “best punk drummer in town” and guitarists Rob Porter and Rob Huppe demonstrated well-crafted tempo changes that led into nice little bass breakdowns courtesy of Doug Crevier. Brave New World kicks off with 19 live tracks recorded in 1998 when the band played an anniversary show to commemorate a Montreal venue, and despite all the time that had passed since the band’s quick demise in 1985, the live material captures the magnetism of Genetic Control’s music. The First Impressions recording has been digitally remastered and this is the first time it has appeared on CD aside from poor quality bootlegs that have been floating around. With 26 tracks in all, this is a comprehensive guide to an outstanding band whose career was unfortunately far too short. (Shadoks)

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THE ESCALATORS: Live at Le Havre 1983

This is the first CD release for the much in demand Escalators who were formed by influential musician/songwriter Nigel Lewis after leaving The Meteors. Nigel is a well respected and loved musician who started in the original line-up of the meteors and he is currently touring again after a long break whilst enjoying a resurgence in his career and back catalogue.This fantastic CD contains the escalators performing previously unreleased tracks live in 1983.

Slumberland / Video Club / Get Offa My Cloud / Time For Change / Eskimo Rock / Cut Up / Young Men / Flanders Fields / Something's Missing / The Edge / Get Me To The World On Time / Starstruck / Dog Eat Robot / Monday / Survivalists / The Day The Sun Burned Down (This album will be available to download for only 5 days...)

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CHARGE: Perfection plus The Best Of

Formed in the squat punk communities of London in the late 70s, Charge, led by the inimitable Stu P Idiot, stood out from the crowd by incorporating elements of sexual deviance, high camp, glam and baroque punk, alongside an engaging and often surreal sense of humour. They were one of London's best live acts of the period, cultivating an impressive fanbase, and were especially popular in mainland Europe where they regularly toured.
This new Cherry Red release sees them immortalised on CD for the first time, featuring all their studio recordings for the Kamera label, including the much cherished album Perfection, and three Independent Top 10 hits, notably the hugely amusing 'Fashion'. The deluxe package also features the band's extremely rare debut single 'King's Cross' for the Test Pressing imprint. It was compiled as a tribute to the late vocalist with contributions from the musicians and friends who knew him, who have also provided exclusive photos and memorabilia.
Record Collector - 4 stars "a band that refuses to be pigeonholed", "a fitting tribute to a unique talent"
BUY HERE >>> (This album will be available to download for only 5 days...)

Dancing On The Graves / Luxury / Illusion Of Fairness / Advanced State / Dead For Years / First For A Title / Perfection / Revenge Of The Midsummer Night's Dream / Sir Hugo / Gasman / King And Queen / Desolation / Hh Huh / King's Cross / Brave New World / God's Kids / Destroy The Youth / No One Knows / Can I Go To Heaven Now / Absolution / Fashion / Ugly Shadows / Luxury / Madman In The North

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ADAM ANT: B-Side Babies

This cd starts out with a bang with a song called "Fall In" and it just dosen't let up. I think alot of people have the idea that "B-Sides" means "Not so great". Well, take it from me, this is NOT THE CASE on this cd. I literally can't get enough of it. This is a very special collection of songs that were WAY ahead of its time. If you played most of these songs for someone, and didn't tell them who it was, they would think it was a brand new song. Beat My Guest is just the best dang song. No wonder it has been covered as many times as it has. Nine Inch Nails covered "Physical" and "Redscab" two songs on this cd. Human Bondage Den is one of the greatest songs ever written. And let me tell you Mr "Goody Two Shoes" was NO Goody Two Shoes at all. He was a dirty boy! Heh heh!

1. Fall-In
2. Making History
3. Beat My Guest
4. Friends (Version 2)
5. Red Scab
6. Juanito The Bandito
7. Why Do Girls Love Horses
8. Yours, Yours, Yours
9. Kiss The Drummer
10. B-Side Baby
11. Greta-X
12. Human Bondage Den
13. Physical (You're So)
14. It Doesn't Matter
15. Christian D'Or
16. Viva Le Rock (Instrumental Dub Mix)

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TSOL: Live '91

This is a live recording from an all-original member reunion show in 1991. Because they had lost the legal rights to the name T.S.O.L., the show (and this CD) had to be listed under the members' full names. They sound pretty good, despite a few minor musical miscues. Most of the material is from "Dance With Me" and the first 2 EPs. Good stuff and recommended if you are a fan of that era of T.S.O.L.

1 Silent Scream
2 World War III
3 Abolish Government/Silent Majority
4 Triangle
5 Wash Away
6 Funeral March
7 Superficial Love
8 Thoughts Of Yesterday
9 I'm Tired
10 Love Story
11 Man & Machine
12 Property Is Theft
13 Dance With Me
14 Code Blue

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

THE LURKERS: 26 Years @320kbps

1. ready & loaded
2. can't connect
3. waste of space
4. in richmond
5. conspiracy
6. misery
7. 26 years
8. go ahead punk
9. stop her coming back
10. trance meeting
11. go sane
12. roll out the barrell
13. mass media believer
14. funny farm
15. never use that gun

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Saturday, April 05, 2008


My favorite french band....

1. le cerf le druide et le loup
2. coup d'etat d la jeunesse
3. dans un reve flamboyant
4. love in laos
5. empire state bulldog
6. lenfant bleu
7. la pluie
8. on en a marre
9. la fille du delta
10. liberte
11. sur la piste inconnue
12. quelque part

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PINHEAD GUNPOWDER: Compulsive Disclosure

1. buffalo
2. 2nd street
3. landrocks
4. porch
5. new blood
6. letter from an old friend
7. black mountain
8. crazy horse
9. funeral

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ADZ: American Steel

ADZ: George Paras (vocals, guitar); Bruce Duff (vocals, guitars, slide guitar, organ, bass instrument); Tony Reflex (vocals); Mike Candalot (drums, congas, bongos, shaker, percussion). Additional personnel: Bill Paras (guitar).

1. kiss my fist
2. ADZ r go
3. down by the hong kong
4. heat
5. mama married a mau mau
6. good head
7. kiss my fuzzface
8. godzilla stompin' rock'n'roll
9. vertigo
10. dr. rat and dan the bowl
11. just like dylan & the hawks blues
12. love you like a crazy
13. black cat
14. american steel

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Mr. T EXPERIENCE: Night Shift at The Thrill Factory (192) New Link!!

1. now we are tewnty-one
2. don't know what i'll do if you don't
3. predictable
4. a mind is a terrible thing
5. skatin' cows
6. go away
7. what is punk
8. the history of the concept of the soul
9. say goodnight
10. velveeta
11. she did me in
12. wearing out
13. no milk today
14. slagbag
15. a zillion years
16. itching powder in sleeping bags
17. dick with ears
18. i ain't gonna be history
19. kenny smokes cloves
20. time for your medicine
21. boredom zone
22. gilman street

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Mr. T EXPERIENCE: Making Things With Light (192) New Link!!

1. what went wrong
2. she's no rocket scientist
3. what's in the cuckoo clock
4. i don't get it
5. zero
6. pig latin
7. parasite
8. i'm breaking out
9. so long sucker
10. a weekend in hogboro
11. psycho girl
12. the girl who still lives at home
13. send me a postcard
14. untitled spoken world piece
15. now we are twenty-one
16. danny partridge got busted
17. marine recruiter
18. slagbag
19. velveeta
20. a zillion years
21. the history of the concept of the soul
22. flying jelly attack

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Mr. T EXPERIENCE: Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood (192) New Link!!

1. supersonic
2. up and down
3. on the team
4. at gillman street
5. dictionary girl
6. the end of the ramones
7. a song about a girl who went shopping
8. flying jelly attack
9. so long, sucker
10. zero
11. psycho girl
12. fill in the blank
13. how i made a million in a punk rock band
14. look back and crack
15. sex offender
16. last time i listened to you
17. love american style
18. somebody wants to love you
19. spiderman
20. can't get there from here
21. god bless america
22. let's be together again
23. merry fucking christmas
24. speed racer
25. t-shirt commercial
26. vive la france
27. more than toast
28. swallows everything
29. god bless lawrence livermore
30. don't go away go go girl
31. hello kitty menendez

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Mr. T EXPERIENCE: Everyone's Entitled to Their Own Opinion (192) New Link!!

1. one big lie
2. just your way of saying no
3. marine recruiter
4. sheep
5. surfin' mozart
6. danny partridge
7. scientific
8. disconnection
9. surfin' cows
10. i'm in love with paula pierce
11. big mistake
12. pleasant valley sunday
13. mary mary
14. the empty experience

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TELEVISION: The Blow-Up (New Link!!)

DISC --- 1
1. the blow-up
2. see no evil
3. prove it
4. elevation
5. i don't care
6. venus de milo
7. foxhole
8. ain't that nothin'
9. knockin' on heaven's door

DISC --- 2
1. little johnny jewel
2. friction
3. marquee moon
4. satisfaticon

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THE DWARVES: Are Young And Good Looking (@) 320kbps

1. unrepenant
2. we must have blood
3. i will deny
4. demonica
5. everybodies girl
6. throw that world away
7. hits
8. the ballad of vadge moore
9. one time only
10. pimp
11. the crucifixion is now
12. you gotta burn
13. bonus

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1. bad trip
2. i can't get enough
3. sleeping dogs
4. feel the heat
5. on a rampage
6. beat my head
7. shut up
8. mastermonster
9. death is on it's way
10. left out
11. stuck in a rut
12. free to kill
13. random violence
14. come and get it
15. keep in touch
16. fall out
17. heads you win, tails it lose
18. waste of time
19. burn em down
20. shot down
21. fuck shit UP

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TOILET CREATURES: What Are You Staring At? (New Link!!)

1. charlie
2. slapsong
3. procastanate
4. mucus
6. biological warfare
7. my name is matt
8. the rap song
9. poopy dick nick
10. oi!oi!
11. the heavy metal song
12. SOL
13. skating's not a crime
14. corn detasseling
15. I.R.S.
16. boys to men
17. new song A
18. my dreamgirl

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TRESPASS: Who Cut the Cheeze? (New Link!!) - Request

1. mental maltreatment
2. party song
3. cheeze
4. we care
5. loneliness
6. summer
7. can't stop thinking about you
8. concrete
9. pugnacity
10. johnny a wannabe

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U.S. BOMBS: Never Mind The Opened Mind (New Link!!)

1. sex machine
2. ballad of sid
3. slow down
4. neverland
5. the outside
6. ballad of sid (reprise)

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