Tuesday, March 11, 2008

V.A.: 2the Skinhead Girl Crew - Vol. 02 @ VBR

Propably a home-made compilation with nice bands doing songs to celebrate the skinhead girls....

1. All The Skinhead Girls (Red London)
2. South London Girl (The Warriors)
3. Skinhead Girl (Swoons)
4. Skinhead Girl (Mele Marce)
5. Skinhead Girl (Partia)
6. Rude Girl (Orange Street)
7. Jenny (4 Promile)
8. Rude Girl (The Busters)
9. My Skinhead Girl (Evil Conduct)
10. Neska Reggae (Skalariak)
11. Chelsea Girls (Blanks 77)
12. Son tus PuÑos (Skontra)
13. Reggae Girl (The Tennors)
14. Skinhead Girl (Doubling Boys)

pw = hangoverhard

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[N][a][R][a][N][j][U] said...

hey friends, thank you to put to my blog in their links, the truth was a pleasing surprise since to see it that had me in its favorite ones, I have lowered a lot of music of its blog

My English is terrible they keep in mind that I am using a translator.

Greetings from Argentina

You of where they are?

PD: If they want I have many disks of bands Argentinean punks that it can end up interesting them!!